Fanatics now want to govern |

Fanatics now want to govern

So, here’s a different thought. In an effort to bring together the diverse factions competing for control in Afghanistan, the United Nations sponsored a very successful meeting of the contesting parties in Bonn. I wondered to myself: Wouldn’t it be fine if the U.N. could intercede in our property rights war here in Nevada County?

Although we are no less conflicted than the Afghans, that door to reconciliation is not open to us. We learn from the property rights coalition that “The enemy destroying this nation is environmental fanaticism. The next step is U.N. control.”

This is what you are asked to believe: The open-space study is the work of extremists and that the most politically impotent organization the world has known is about to intrude itself into our sheltered lives here in Nevada County. This property rights coalition, with a monomaniacal obsession with this single issue, accuses the opposition of fanaticism.

Churchill described a fanatic as one who not only cannot change his mind, but one who cannot change the subject.

It is one thing to fuss over such silliness on this page, but now they are asking the public to support them in their bid to assume the reigns of county government. They are running for supervisorial office. They want to govern us! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But a display of either emotion would be extremism. Maybe I’ll just be embarrassed.

It’s not that I am indifferent to the rights of the individual. I set out on my own path of self-absorption as I made my way through the terrible twos. I felt beleaguered by a force over which I was powerless and I wanted to be free, free to enjoy the liberties paid for with blood by our forefathers. But no, Mom said, “James, you are not the only person in this family.” Mom didn’t know squat about the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

In the ensuing years, I have come to learn that it is a matter of balance. My thanks to the current board for their efforts.

Jim Hurley

Nevada City

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