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Fallout from recent election continues

Supervisor voting idea called absurd

A recent letter writer suggested that the election rules should be changed so that every voter in the county could vote for every office of county supervisor which comes up for election. The implementation of this absurd idea would eliminate any chance of electing a supervisor whose political views don’t mesh with the majority of voters county-wide.

If you don’t realize how dangerous an idea this is, then you can’t see beyond the end of your arrogant nose. It should not be assumed that the needs of citizens and their accompanying political views are distributed evenly over the various governmental districts, be they supervisorial districts or state Senate or Assembly districts.

If you want all of us to have a chance to vote for all of our supervisors, then you should also want all voters throughout California to vote for all of our representatives in Sacramento. Although this might help to pass a county or state budget on time every year, there would be much less meaningful dialogue on important issues. One-party rule – Is this how the Politburo got its start?

Tom Dyer

Grass Valley

Nevada County’s

rebirth inevitable

Notwithstanding recount, lacking capitulation, summarily Nevada County’s’ rebirth is inevitable. Directional latitude has become once again fluid, allowing innovative and exciting alternatives to existing, seemingly continual impediments hampering the cohesive society so sought after by “We The People.”

The method of incremental advancement has been stilled! Confrontation and implementation now come into play concerning the evolution of the Mother Load. Without rhetoric advocates will meet for debate with one commonality: to insure a prosperous future for those who claim Nevada County as Home, without “back East, downstream, “San Franciscan” influence!

To the extent confrontation can lead to cooperation, only “pudding proof” or time will show; howbeit shown currently by NH 2020s’ burial. A bastion of conservative stewards have been given the opportunity by “we the people” to pursue what is good for Us; we who live here, and to defend Us from those who see our county as their private monarchial playground.

The outcome of this election will be hailed by historians as a pivotal moment in Sierra politics. Whether written as a catastrophe, or a blessing depends on the next few years. Robin, Drew, Sue I think we could use the Blessing. Congratulations!

Mike Harris

Penn Valley

Appalled by news about elections

I guess Mr. B. C. and Mrs. I. M. are going down fighting to the bitter end. What’s puzzling is why they did not (did I say did not?) listen to the people when NH 2020 was a thorn in everyone’s side. Instead they insisted on driving “their” point across, hoping the majority would vote with them. Well, it never happened.

Now, there must be some reason they lost. Oh, they mean that so-called extra money? What vote did that buy? Both of you should look in the mirror and say for once, “I blew it,” then move on. If the new staff doesn’t listen to the people they represent, then they will probably be voted out as well.

I hope they listen to the people, because the budget will not allow for more gross mistakes as NH 2020 was. Good luck, Drew and Robin. I hope you two do better than the others.

Adam Fitting

Grass Valley

We are the masses and must be heard

Bravo for the teacher who put into words the facts that are often miskewed or smoke-screened for the “common tax-payer.” It is on the backs of the common taxpayer, the small businessman and laborer that the debts rung up by the elite have been and will be placed for years to come.

Isn’t it amazing that even the Republicans who will share this tax burden have been brainwashed into believing that the past and future tax breaks will be for them, when in fact a mere 1 percent of the top elitists will be the lucky ones.

Is there anyone who realistically thinks that the current war on terrorism, war with Iraq, new Homeland Security and nation rebuilding will not burden us with higher taxes? I say to Democrat wage earners and small business people: “Open your eyes.” They are spending our current and future monies to enrich themselves and to build their power agenda for the world.

Our voices must be heard or, like Shane Valdez cautioned, we will lose our representation and soon after cease to exist. Remember, we are the masses and we must hope that the young people like Shane are finally becoming informed and speaking out.

Mary Longmore

Grass Valley

Sutherland, not Martin, to blame

The Other Voices column by Joe Vielbig about the outcome of the District 4 race was way off the mark. The mud-slinging was by Sutherland, not Martin. I received multiple glossy flyers that had terrible pictures of Martin and even worse portrayal of who she was and what she represented. Sutherland won because the inland Northern California Republican right wing that controls this part of the state (Assembly, Congress, etc., etc.) endorsed Sutherland, wants developer friendly people in power, and spent huge amounts of money on full page ads and glossy flyers. She won because the right wing agenda does not allow for a program like NH 2020, which was not flawed but misrepresented by the radical right wing.

David Gortner

Nevada City

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