Fallout from county elections continues | TheUnion.com

Fallout from county elections continues

Enjoy and sleep

well, my friends

What a great election for all homeowners in Nevada County. Now with the developers and contractors firmly in control of the supervisors, we can all start dreaming of those wonderful low-income housing developments coming to us. Just think how rich the developers will get now. Oh what a wonderful Christmas they are going to have, and its all because of the big-hearted people of Nevada County.

Yes, Nevada County will be just another suburb, but just think about all the great strip malls there will be to shop at. And, yes, crime will go way up, but who cares, we will have so many more new friends from Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco moving in. Yes, what a great election this was for all the developers and their kin who live in and out of Nevada County. Oh, and as long as we are at it, how about a 7-11 on Broad Street in Nevada City? That would really make someone a lot of money, and after all, is that not what Nevada County voted for this week? Enjoy and sleep well, my friends.

Bill Pranckitas

San Diego

Will The Union now go ‘warm and fuzzy’?

The final sentence of your Nov. 7 editorial states, “Now is the time not to fight, but to work together for a better Nevada County.” How reasonable of you! Some of us have already been working together in just this way for a long time. But where in the depths of your newly pious editorial hearts were those sentiments residing during the weeks and months prior to the election, when you were salivating over (and promoting) every ugly political distortion that came down the pike?

How disingenuous of you to imply that The Union had nothing to do with promulgating a “scorched earth” atmosphere in this county. Now that the elections are over, I presume we can expect that you will be adopting “warm and fuzzy” reportage and editorial policies to accompany Nevada County into its now glorious future?

Helen Henthorn

Nevada City

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