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Fairy tales

Like Jeff Ackerman, I’m tired of fairy tales.

The fairy tales to which I refer are these: Iraq still had WMD when Dubya ordered our troops to attack Iraq. Iraq and al-Qaida were in cahoots. Iraq was in any way involved in the 9/11 attacks. The Healthy Forests initiative is actually intended to improve forest health and prevent fires. Dubya invaded Iraq to bring Democracy to the Iraqis. Invading Iraq was a legitimate part of the war on terrorism. Dubya cares about the health, financial well-being, or any other aspect of the lives of ordinary Americans.

I could go on and on listing Dubya’s lies, distortions, and treasonous misdeeds, but you get the point. There are more fairy tales (lies) coming from the Bush administration than any other in the history of our country. The USA is still a great country – it’s just the criminals in the White House that are giving it a bad name worldwide.

Michael Brazil

Grass Valley

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