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Extremism running amok

Columnist Brian Bisnett (Sept. 16) should check with the State Fair Political Practices Board and become familiar with the existing election laws and the reporting practices. Election committees must report any amount over $100 from any source.

1. The reimbursement of funds to a landowner when his parcel is rezoned due to a county action is not new, and court cases have been won when a county arrogantly thought that they might skip away and not offer a reasonable solution.

2. Inferences that the candidates are anti-environment and pro-growth is labeling, exposing columnist Bisnett and his political agenda.

3. Extremism is rampant at the national level as the Democrats claim that President Bush is responsible for the economic downturn. Facts show that the recession started three quarters before the last presidential election, during President Clinton’s watch.

4. Extremism is measure when one slanders a candidate, ignores trespass laws and treats private firms as trespassers on their own property.

5. Civility and extremism never seem to go together. We only have to watch the Democratic “Ragin’ Cajun” or O’Reilly on the No Spin Zone. One is a liberal the other a conservative. They both enter a zone that can be termed less than civil.

6. Our library services are important. Taxpayers supported a small parcel tax to supplement these services. Hopefully, we will have bipartisan support for our library system and do what a civil society should do to continue this support.

In conclusion, I have supported many groups monetarily such as land trusts, public parks, a variety of environmental societies and wildlife supporters. I don’t believe in tree sitters who continue to break the law or environmental groups that want it all and go to an extreme degree to get it. My values are based on voter rights, less government waste, and a balanced press that deals in fact, not innuendo.

A columnist who does a job of stating his political agenda under the guise of a prayer for civility might be viewed as extreme. I’ve presented a point of view, and hopefully it was in a civil manner.

John A. Howard


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