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Everyone should hit the polls

This is going to be an important election. We are lucky to live in a country where we get to vote. Sadly, not enough of us do.

In a nonpartisan way, I think Nevada County should take this bull by the horns and try to get 90 percent of the eligible voters to vote. Traditionally it is the younger set that seems to stay away from the polls.

Here are a couple of ideas that some may want to try. These ideas aren’t my own, they are a collection of suggestions that have come up while talking to other concerned citizens.

On the night of the election, host a party. The price of admission is your voter’s stub. Elders get together to rent a space for this “party” and have a band that is aimed at pleasing the younger folks in our community. Additionally, have a party a month before the election, with the price of admission being to register to vote or to already be registered. Provide music, food and baby-sitting.

The Union and/or KNCO could sponsor a contest. The business that registers the most voters wins a car.

Restaurants and other businesses could offer a buck or two off a purchase for a week after the election, with the customer surrendering their voter’s stub.

I took six of my daughter’s friends out to dinner the other night. I told them I’d pay for their meal if they would promise to vote and take someone else along with them. They asked, “Whom do you want us to vote for?” and this is where the beauty of this whole initiative lies. “No, no, no. Your vote is your own, and it is secret. Do your own research, make your own decision, but vote!”

They gobbled it up! I’m sending my son some money to take some of his friends out to dinner with the same proviso.

The name of this movement is important. If it were “Vote America,” it might sound like it is coming from the right. If it were “Vote and Rock the Boat,” it would sound like it is from the left. Perhaps just “Let’s Vote” is apolitical enough for both the right and the left to embrace.

Remember, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, the more people we get to vote, the better the chances are for your candidate to win. Right?


Tony Mociun lives on the San Juan Ridge but is currently on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He thinks America deserves what it gets in an election.

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