Establish a federal Department of Peace |

Establish a federal Department of Peace

As the stock market comes tumbling down (and well it should, bolstered as it’s been by wars, drug money, greed and corrupt accounting) it becomes apparent that we’ll soon be going to war with Iraq (or is it Iran, or Irab?).

More and more Americans are questioning their government’s intentions, their own lifestyles and patterns of consumption, and the “news” as provided by corporate media.

Many of us will not tolerate the concept of “endless” war, nor the thought that war would ever result in a lasting peace; it never has! The hundreds of skirmishes, military interventions, police actions and covert operations that this country has been involved in should be an indication of just where our “leaders” have been taking us. Many of them, most notably the Bushes, have been, of course, heavily invested in arms manufacture and oil. Spending a million-a-minute on “defense,” such a nation, “under God,” will surely have its comeuppance one day.

We must rethink our economics, manufacturing, buy less “stuff” (less weapons), and direct our energies toward infrastructure and social programs. We need a national Department of Peace, through which our elected officials can continually re-educate themselves on issues such as honest communication, keeping agreements and the commitment to work toward social justice, basic human rights and needs. Communities need to establish peace centers for people to dialogue, in a cooperative manner, on the planetary importance of noncooperation with the wagers of war.

In this way, we can restore ethics and dignity to our society.

The newly forming Nevada County Peace Center is just that, a growing body dedicated to education, action and nonviolent conflict resolution. We meet regularly and hold an ongoing peace vigil.

Please call 470-9797 to find out how you can participate.

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

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