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Environmentalists ruining Yuba

The environmentalists are playing God again. They’ve already ruined the lower Yuba with their ice water out of Bullard’s (since 1970). Now they’re thinking of colder water for the South Fork. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Swimming was banned last summer, some kind of bacterial pollution. During Labor Day, Bridgeport was deserted. Did any of these environmentalists find out where the bacteria came from? Heck no.

Congressman Wally Herger sent me a copy of the $100 million appropriations bill set aside for restoring salmon-spawning habitat for Washington, Oregon and California rivers. You can bet not one dime will be spent to clean up the 150,000 cubic yards of shot-rock that washed out of Englebright (that contractors left on PG&E property) and has “armored” over the spawning habitat 1.5 miles downstream. The environmentalists ignore this disaster, and now Cal-Fed wants to spend $6.7 million for more studies. Consulting firms are falling over each other vying for this loot behind closed doors. Kinda smells, doesn’t it?

I made my proposal to restore (clean up the shot-rock) to the Board of Supervisors and Yuba County Water Agency in December 1999. All that’s needed is about 2,000 feet of logging-type road to get equipment in for this job. I’ve been to the LYRTWG meetings (fish and wildlife) with my proposal. But mostly got shined on. It’s not on their agenda. More meetings, hearings and studies, more regulations and flow and temperature regimes is all they talk about. They’re not interested in increasing the salmon count but to keep salmon on the endangered species list so they can perpetuate their fraud and pseudo-science for more funding.

As it is, the lower Yuba is dead. The ice water from Bullard’s for 32 years has done nothing for their so-called “fishery.” The 20-degree temperature drop has been an ecological disaster for other aquatic organisms that thrived during the summer, not to mention its use for humans too. It’s so cold, you can’t stick your foot in it.

James Butler


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