Education better than force |

Education better than force

A recent letter poked fun at the intelligent citizens against NH 2020 by saying they are undercover enviros masquerading as right-wingers because some of the “No on NH 2020” billboards had been used before and were painted over. While it may be worth a chuckle to some, it stung me, because as a “conservative” I have been conserving and recycling for years. The difference between me and my liberal pals is that I do not believe in enacting oppressive bureaucratic expensive poorly written laws to mandate conservation (but we all really know their true intent: to acquire our land and money).

I and many conservatives I know have been practicing conservation for decades, living in harmony with nature and tending to our responsibilities, which include respecting the wildlife habitats on our property … and we didn’t need any overbearing outside busybodies to make us do it. Frankly, I’d be tempted to turn my bird sanctuary into a concrete lawn if I get wind the county is coming trespass and force their intent on me. The powers that be haven’t become enlightened to the fact that people respond to education better than force. Just look at the increased racism in America today. A direct result from the “in your face” liberals (racists, actually) who are forcing political correctness down our throats and doing little more than festering huge resentment with their twisted unfairness.

One thing I’ve learned. liberals/racists thrive on misinformation and manipulation. They can’t handle the truth, because there’s no money in it for them, when people are getting along nicely and taking care of their land.

Sydney Lyons

Grass Valley

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