Double-standard kingdom |

Double-standard kingdom

When you get your information from Brit Hume or his guests, it’s easy to write that Michael Schwalm’s rather factual column on the Middle-East conflict is junk, or to criticize Arafat’s intransigence for not accepting 22 percent of the land when the people he represents (sorry, but he was elected) were entitled to 68 percent of that land in 1947 (as per population ratio).

The creation of Israel could have been an advancement for the Jewish people if it hadn’t been done at the expense of somebody else. By the way, in 1947, most of the prominent rabbis were against the creation of Israel. Albert Einstein, not an idiot by most standards, wrote: “I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish State,” and he warned us in other writings that “becoming a nation … would divert the spirituality of our community that we owed to the genius of our prophets.”

Let’s review the reasoning behind the creation of Israel: The Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis, so let’s compensate them by stealing land from the Arabs. Sounds fair to you? Not to me. By the way, the U.N. Resolution No. 181 creating two states in Palestine barely passed the two-thirds requirement (33/13 with 10 abstentions, including the U.K., administrator of the territory since World War I). Three other locations were also considered at the time for Israel: Argentina, Cyprus and Uganda, none of them in Europe, the United States or the USSR! Wonder why?

What about if the U.N. decided today to create a state for … let’s say the Tibetans, located in Nevada County, because they were oppressed by the Chinese. Same logic, same fallacy, but I am certain the local unconditional supporters of Israel would support this state too, or am I wrong? And please, if you are really interested in the subject, you can read some excellent Israeli historians such as Benny Morris or Avi Shlaim, or log onto many Israeli and Palestinian Web sites to get a more accurate picture than on Fox TV.

Alain Lazard

Nevada City

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