Doolittle delivers for our troops |

Doolittle delivers for our troops

For the past year, my youngest son has been serving at Camp Iskandariyah, Iraq with the U.S. Army, 4th Infantry Division. I am very proud of his service to our nation. Nevada County has many young men and women serving in the Armed Forces in this difficult war against terrorism. Our service members do not want our sympathy, but they do want to know that the folks back home support them in their efforts. I expect that support to be demonstrated by action from our congressional members. As our elected U.S. Representative in Washington, Congressman Doolittle has actively demonstrated this support.

John Doolittle has enabled our troops with the tools they need to succeed. John supported H.R. 5122, the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act, which included:

• A 2.2 percent across the board pay increase, this follows a 3.1 percent pay increase last year.

• $5.6 billion to replace worn equipment, including additional Humvees, trucks, radios, Hellfire missiles, and ammunition.

• $4.8 billion for Army and Marine Corps equipment rehabilitation.

• Provided $500 million more that the President’s request for Army National Guard equipment.

• $50 billion for the GWOT, including funding for uparmored Humvees, tactical wheeled vehicle rehabilitation, night vision devices, funding for ammunition.

• A new initiative to combat Improvised Explosive Devices. The initiative includes $109 million for radio jamming devices, of which $69 million is for devices that can be carried individually. $40 million for vehicle-born units. $100 million for manned surveillance planes to patrol from above, providing support.

The NDAA has addressed issues relating to expanded benefits for Reservists and the National Guard. Reservists are now eligible for TRICARE health benefits 90 days before being activated and up to 180 days after separation from active duty (2004-2006 NDDA). The NDAA has increased enlistment/reenlistment, retention bonuses, and special pay for the active duty and Reservists (2005, 2006 NDAA). The Act also increased mental health care services for service members and their families (2006 NDAA).

Congressman Doolittle supported passage of H.R. 5037, the Respect for Fallen Heroes Act, which prohibits demonstrations within 150 feet of Arlington National Cemetery or any cemetery under the control of the National Cemetery Administration during a funeral or memorial service. The ACLU fought passage of similar states’ versions of this bill, including California.

John Doolittle has demonstrated support for our Veterans:

Since 1995, when Republicans took control of the House, the veterans’ budget has increased 77 percent. Monthly education benefit payment levels under the Montgomery GI increased from $405 to over $1000. The number of veterans receiving care increased from 2.5 million to 4.7 million. Total per-veteran spending has doubled.

John supported passage of H.R. 5385, the FY 2007 Military Quality of Life, Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, which includes: $32.7 billion for the Veterans Health Administration; $3.6 billion for medical facilities; and $412 million for medical and prosthetic research, $2.8 billion for specialty mental health care for FY07, including treatment for PTSD and funding for three Centers for Excellence for mental health care facilities.

I applaud John Doolittle for his support of our troops whose lives are daily on the line fighting to secure our precious freedoms back home. He understands the long-term stakes in this global war, and John has the will to do what is necessary to win. I appreciate John’s proven leadership regarding our national defense. I, along with numerous elected leaders and citizens in the 4th Congressional District, support his re-election to Congress.


Sue Horne is a 26-year resident of Nevada County and is presently serving her 6th year as a Nevada County Supervisor, representing the South County area.

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