Doolittle, Brown contest most popular with readers |

Doolittle, Brown contest most popular with readers

Certainly a business has the right to promote a political candidate. However, in making this choice, the business must realize that its customers also have the right to chose to shop elsewhere. Now, a specific case.

This morning, I saw that the gas station in the Brunswick Basin where I buy all of my gas has placed one of those huge Doolittle signs at the entrance to the station. I was headed there to get gas, but being a Charlie Brown supporter, I couldn’t buy gas there because that would be providing indirect support to Doolittle. The owner of this gas station has chosen to exercise the right to be vocal about supporting Doolittle.

Supporters of Charlie Brown, and a return to honest government, should exercise their right to choose where they shop, and buy their gas elsewhere. I know that I will never buy gas at this station again.

Jerry Henderson

Nevada City


Much Charlie Brown literature has been mailed to voters. Brown infers that his 26-year distinguished military career and 8-year police department experience qualifies him to be Congressman. Political experience or private sector management experience, in a nonsheltered environment, would provide more qualified background for a political career.

Brown professes to have “conservative” values … Are these conservative values?

• An ACLU member/supporter

• Supports illegal immigrants

• Favors amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants

• Spending $60 billion to support illegal immigrants in various services including giving them Social Security

• Supports raising cap on Social Security taxes

• Is against ANWAR oil development even though development area is infinitely small and would be done under stringent guidelines.

• Supports Universal Healthcare system

John Doolittle has been maligned by the Democrats eager to take over the House seat. To my knowledge, Doolittle has not been censured by any congressional committee nor has any legal action been brought against him. I thought that a person is innocent until proven guilty … hmmm. If congressional rules are not adequate, then they should be revised/changed.

I respect Charlie Brown for his service to his country. However, vote for John Doolittle, a person with true conservative values.

Joe Vielbig

Grass Valley


A corrupt president came to the million dollar houses in the Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills to raise money for a corrupt congressman. The luncheon was a protection racket affair at $2,000 per plate paid for by loyal developers and big business board of directors of John Doolittle family, who wants to assure that the pork keeps flowing their way, that their preferential treatment is continued by Don John Doolittle, and that they are screened from the reality of inference from the people.

Those invited knew who they were in advance because they all want self-serving, me-first, me-only government. The Corruption Luncheon is the epitome of corrupt business as usual and is the way politics used to be done, which are currently being done under Doolittle.

Bush needs all the help he can get to fund his three-billion-dollar-a-week country club recreation in Iraq. Now is the time to change these corrupt practices. Everyone, once he/she realizes what they really are, except These Chosen, wants to eliminate this corrupt cabal.

To change the culture of corruption, please vote for Rob Haswell and Charlie Brown.

Jack Sanchez



Why return someone to Congress who basically thinks we’re all doomed?

“As for Armageddon, I just note with interest that’s what the Bible says. That it’s on the Plains of Megiddo. Right there in Israel. And it makes you wonder where this conflict’s all going to ultimately lead. And I happen to believe it will ultimately lead to what the Bible says.” John Doolittle agreeing with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the looming End-Times.

Elect Charlie Brown, he believes in freewill and the future.

Stefanie Freydont

Nevada City


The recent feature, ‘Separate Branches, Balanced Powers’ was great, but when a branch fails to check executive power abuse, they’ve failed to uphold our Constitution.

Bush clearly violated federal and international laws rushing to war, wiretapping, and validating torture. Congress is guilty for not acting to stop this abuse. Courts ruled against Bush and he subsequently legalized torture and the revocation of habeas corpus to keep his cronies out of jail.

Now when enemies capture American citizens and call them enemy combatants, they can hold them without counsel and torture them, they can say that they are like Americans. Do you want America to be emulated this way?

Congressman Doolittle allowed Constitutional debasement to occur. He supported oppression in the Marianas, knowingly allowing pedophile Mark Foley to remain in office to retain Republican power, and kept money from Jack Abramoff who bribed Congressman. This Republican congress has allowed executive power to run amuck and is endangering the Constitution they swore to uphold. Republicans abused their power and we need men of integrity and honesty to curb this abuse and Charlie Brown is a man to help clean up this mess.

Jeff Carver

Nevada City


Today I received a publication entitled, “The Gold Country Republican.” I guess the Charlie Brown campaign is so desperate that now C.B. can morph himself into a Republican at will and as needed. Rather deceptive, though.

I agree that some Republicans have been less than honorable, but few in the political arena, on both sides of the isle, should be the first to cast stones.

All should be outraged at those elected to serve, that use their position for person gain or moral impropriety.

The parents that send their children who go to serve our public officials should not have to worry if they will be subject to abuse.

Democrats, also, should not be so fast to proudly pass judgment in regard to the latest intern scandal.

I seem to remember an intern scandal involving a Democrat at the highest level and a vote where they sat quietly by and accepted conduct much worse than any vulgar e-mail. The final result, unfortunately, spoke volumes.

All have sinned and failed in some regard, voters and those we vote for. We are all human and only One was perfect.

Each election is important as is each vote. Too bad that sometimes we must choose the lesser evil.

Dave Pfau

Grass Valley


How about this. Our household has three voters and another who moved four years ago. We also have a P.O. Box.

One day each of us. including the person who doesn’t live here, received not one but two mailings from John Doolittle. I called the Congressman to ask why taxpayers paid for eight mailings to four people.

The answer – mailing addresses came from voting rolls and the duplicate mailings were a heretofore unknown mistake. OK, so duplicates to one address could be a glitch. The problem, however, other voters also received two mailings. And, I personally took our former resident off the voting rolls years ago. So why him?

More interesting, all three of us again received two Doolittle mailings at our P.O. Box plus two mailings to another person not on the rolls, who relinquished his Box over 20 years ago. Sixteen mailings to three voters.

So whose files is the Congressman dipping into? Why did his office consult with him and then call me back to assert a big lie? But most important are these the character traits we want in a person who represents us in Congress?

Lee Hudson

Nevada City


I’m willing to bet that many of you are as fed-up with political phone calls as I am. I’m particularly fed up with the automated phone calls that begin with “I’d like to give you some information about Charlie Brown.”

Most people don’t listen to these calls long enough to hear that the calls do not orginate from Charlie Brown’s campaign at all.

John Doolittle’s camp is spearheading this deluge of deceptive calls in an effort to mislead voters regarding his opponent. These phone calls are not just an irritant. They are an insult to the intelligence of voters across the district.

Would you like to stop these deceitful calls? Just call (916) 772-5332 and ask them to take your number off their call lists.

By the way, does anyone know where to find Doolittle’s headquarters – in Grass Valley?

Carol Sechovec

Grass Valley


We’re told they hate our freedoms, and we’re fighting wars to protect them. It’s Republicans, though, who scrapped our longstanding right to challenge detention. In doing this, Doolittle certainly does not stand with me. We adopted Habeas Corpus in response to medieval practices of jailing people without charge. You know, as in the dungeon under the castle.

This freedom is so essential that it’s enshrined in our Constitution. It’s fundamental in safeguarding freedom against lawless state action and false imprisonment, like plucking anybody off the street and holding them without charge in some foreign torture chamber. Bush already confessed his illegal secret European prison scam. Republicans cannot say we’re a Nation of Laws and then strike the inconvenient ones after breaking them.

It even turns out that we bought some of our Cuban prisoners from smugglers, and now there is no way to challenge this injustice. It’s a terrible direction leading back to pre-Magna Carta feudal monarchies. This was the big priority for Congress? We’re supposedly at war protecting our basic freedoms, but Bush and his cronies-including Doolittle-are shredding them right under our noses.

Mark Selverston

Nevada City


The threat that Charlie Brown will raise your taxes is an argument only for the thick-headed. How could Democrats do this when President Bush has veto power? Our pockets have already been picked. Congress prohibited Medicare from getting a better price on drugs, and outlawed the importation of cheaper drugs from abroad. We are stuck with the bill from such pay-to-play politics. We have a choice. Let’s use it to improve ethics and responsibility in Congress. Vote for Charlie Brown.

David Wallace

Nevada City

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