Don’t judge police for UPS death quite yet |

Don’t judge police for UPS death quite yet

In re “Arrest would have saved man’s life” (Jan. 9), the letter writer … is exactly correct that, based on the article written, the suspect should have been immediately arrested, if nothing else, simply on the basis of the violation of the restraining order and terroristic threats.

But we’re far too trusting of reporting in The Union, which from my own experience is prone to errors of basic fact.

I trust and respect law enforcement far too much to assign blame to them when all we have is Roman Gokhman’s reporting. If Chief Foster says “[the officers] didn’t have anything to arrest him for,” we need to consider that a possibility.

That quote could simply be the official position on a tragedy that could lead to a civil case against the City of Grass Valley. But if Chief Foster is correct, we can infer mistake of fact by The Union.

Was Roman Gokhman’s article completely accurate? Did the police drop the ball on this one? I don’t know. But let’s not begin distrusting the motivation and integrity of our law enforcement officers without a little more information and a longer string of reporting by multiple reporters.

We must remain skeptical inquirers.

Phil Oliver

Penn Valley

Editor’s note: Despite the letter-writer’s implications – without specifics – of factual error, The Union’s stories regarding this incident have been based on the freshest information available from law enforcement officers, eyewitnesses, and friends or family of the principals involved.

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