Don’t fall for Moore’s extortion |

Don’t fall for Moore’s extortion

I’ve pondered for a week trying to word this with respect to the victims and families of victims of Scott Thorpe. However, what I have to say may offend them anyway, so I’ll open with my heartfelt sympathy to them for their loss/injury.

Your headline last week “Film honors gun victim” has a basic flaw … it is impossible to be a victim of a gun! Rather, one who has been shot is the victim of the idiot holding the gun. The same tactic is used in the argument against SUVs, i.e. “SUV kills 2 on north freeway.” The SUV didn’t kill anyone, the person driving did. No inanimate object is capable of acting on its own.

As for Michael Moore, a self admitted anti-capitalist, who does he think he is? He’s giving Nevada County six months to make a change, or he’ll reveal that we have responsible gun owners to the world? Isn’t this a bit like extortion? Please understand, this is a man who once attempted to shut down Wall Street by staging a lip-sync concert in the middle of the financial district. He failed, and was jailed. Furthermore, what ideology does he replace capitalism with? Socialism? Maybe, but what type? National socialism (Nazi)? Fascism? Or maybe communism? Or maybe he’s just an envious/elitist slob with the grandiose idea that it’s his purpose in this world to tell others what is best for them.

Whatever the case, we shouldn’t give such extremists credibility by putting them up as mainstream thinkers (right or left). The Union used to be a very objective publication on most local issues, that’s why I buy it. Please forget the so-called celebrities and just tell us what’s happening in our community.

Mike Kennedy

Grass Valley

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