Don’t be daffy, support Duck Race |

Don’t be daffy, support Duck Race

They’ve been sitting on my desk for two months now, and I can’t postpone it any longer. Not if I want to remain a Rotarian-In-Good-Standing I can’t.

So here it goes … Does anyone want to buy a Duck Race ticket?

That’s right. I’m using my column to push Duck Race tickets this week. It’s my column and I can use it to push anything I want. If you’ve got as problem with that … go quack. Or call a cop.

Here’s the deal.

There are five Rotary Clubs in Western Nevada County. Mine is called the 49er Breakfast Club (I think) and we meet each Wednesday morning at the Trolley Junction in Nevada City. We have nearly 100 members and they come in all sizes, shapes and flavors. It’s not a “secret society.” There is no secret handshake. We don’t wear hats with horns poking out the top. At least not on Wednesday mornings, we don’t. We have almost as many women as men, and without them we would be utterly and completely lost.

We do, however, have a motive, and that’s to help make this a better place to live. And we’ve defined “this ” as our local community as well as our international community. Our efforts can be seen in our local schools, where we support literacy, academic achievement and teachers, and in a small village in the mountains of Uganda, where we support a medical facility headed by one of Nevada County’s own, Dr. Scott Kellermann and his wife, Carol.

We believe in service above self, and we mean it.

The annual Duck Race will be held Saturday, Sept. 11, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. in Nevada City at the foot of Broad Street. I’ll be one of the “duck herders” standing up to my knees in Deer Creek with a net. The one with the hat chasing runaway ducks and cursing their plastic or rubber souls.

We try to sell 12,000 duck race tickets each year – racing 2,000 rubber ducks in each of the first six heats. Each duck is numbered from 1 to 2,000. A rubber duck from each race is associated with a number written on a Duck Race ticket.

The tickets sell for $5 each, and that automatically enters your duck in the race, which features a grand prize of $5,000. There are several other cash awards, so there are lots of opportunities to win.

OK … so there’s the official rap.

Here’s the unofficial rap. It’s a fun way to spend part of a Saturday. There are games for kids, music for everyone, food, drink and great company. And every single dime we raise will go toward something very special.

Your $5 could buy several polio vaccinations, for example. Rotary International really is wiping out polio worldwide. We’ve vaccinated millions of children all over the globe, most recently in Nepal.

Or perhaps your $5 will buy a few used books for the school in Beirut, or maybe help offset the costs of the dental work that local dentist Barry Turner provides around the world in his “spare time.” Dr. Turner is a remarkable man and a member of our 49er Club.

Closer to home, your $5 might be used in a number of community projects. Last year, for example, a group of us painted an elderly woman’s mobile home. She was facing eviction from the park unless she painted her place, and she just couldn’t afford to do it on her own.

You get the picture. Someone you know is probably a Rotarian, so perhaps you’ve heard it all before.

So help a brother out, will ya?

If I don’t sell these tickets … and I mean all 35 of them (or however many they stuck in this white envelope on my desk) . . . I’ve got to buy them myself. I’m even willing to negotiate. How about two for … let’s say … $9.50? Or even three for $15? OK, for $14.

Come on down! They won’t last long! Everything is priced to sell! Going, going, gone! Don’t see another Rotarian for your Duck Race tickets until you’ve called Jeff first!

My direct line is 477-4299. That’s right. Call 477-4299 and ask for Jeff. That’s 477-4299. Don’t wait. Call today, or be sorry tomorrow. You’ll feel better for it, and I won’t have to find another place to eat breakfast on Wednesday mornings.


Jeff Ackerman is the publisher of The Union. His column appears each Tuesday.

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