Donna Frandsen: When leadership was needed |

Donna Frandsen: When leadership was needed


Where is our community outrage, anger, disbelief? Are Trump supporters the only ones who raise their voices?

I am so angry and dismayed at what happened at our Capitol on Jan. 6 I cannot stay silent. I applaud the growing sentiment that Trump should be held responsible for inciting the riot. I also believe others who played a part to inflame the insurrection should also be held accountable.

My words are not particularly pretty. But, they are honest and calm compared to my rage inside. So, Doug LaMalfa, this is my open letter to you.

I am so, so very disappointed that you, our elected representative, subjugated your sworn oath to uphold the Constitution to your personal political desire to have a share of Trump’s honey pot, to curry favors, dip your hand into his voters’ base and money. There is a colorful phrase for what you did: kiss … Other words, such as insurrection and treason, also come to mind. But treason probably isn’t accurate, since you weren’t caught selling secrets. Then again, maybe it is accurate because you sold something even more precious: you sold your honor and your soul.

My old English grammar book says elected officials should be addressed as “Honorable.” Note I have not addressed you as honorable or even representative. You no longer represent my values. You are not honorable.

When you signed on to support the Texas AG’s law suit, which you knew was a sham and had nothing to do with California or District 1, it showed your willingness to degrade yourself to participate in a political PR stunt. The vote was certified and the court threw out the lawsuit. Not honorable. If you want to support Texas, move to Texas. But that’s not really the point. I refer you back to paragraph two.

When you joined a group of other representatives to subvert the Electoral College count of the votes, it was not honorable. It was self-serving. You might justify it by saying, “Well, I was only objecting to the Pennsylvania count. We knew it wouldn’t pass. Just a little time delay.”

There is no spin you can put on this action to make it acceptable. No! You stomped on every Republican, Democrat, independent or other’s constitutional right to vote for the people they want to represent them. If you don’t like the election outcome, tough. Grow up. You are not crowned to override the will of the people.

Did you cower in a corner of the underground tunnel as the Capitol was stormed? Did you see the mob rushing the building — coming for any of you? Did you take note of the damage you caused? Did they trash your office, too? Your complicit behavior, lack of truthful words, and actions helped inflame and ignite the mob. You are complicit in the deaths that occurred as if you inflicted the wounds yourself. Not honorable.

If you have any second thoughts or remorse for your participation to overthrow the will of the people and to incite the Jan. 6 insurrection, then now is the time to be honorable. Resign. Let someone who respects their sworn oath, the Constitution, and the law represent our district.

When real leadership was needed the most, you failed the test.

Donna Frandsen lives in Grass Valley.

Editor’s note: For the sake of clarity, signing on to a case sent to the U.S. Supreme Court and voting “no” in the House certification hearing are all well within the law and rights/responsibilities of U.S. representatives.

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