Don Rogers: A party loses its way |

Don Rogers: A party loses its way

Those poor, poor Republicans.

Need anyone say more?

I understand because I am one. Granted, a lousy one, among many who wail the party left them and not the other way around. One who will point out, accurately, Ronald Reagan himself would be scorned as a liberal by the current lot.

This might be easier for me since I never got on the Trump bus.

Republicans can fret over which might be worse for their party, Trump losing or winning. But they have a much bigger problem than the bully atop the ticket.

Oh, I was ready this time for a Republican in the White House. So ready. But I also recognized early this guy was no Republican. Things can get a lot worse under him, unfortunately.

I’m so lousy I favor such milquetoasts as Mitt Romney, John Huntsman, Jeb Bush and even Marco Rubio over the Democrats’ poorest choice possible.

I pine for a new party that embraces the GOP’s fiscal prudence and general pragmatism as well as the Dems’ warm humanity and understanding there are times it makes good business sense to invest.

While I tend to snicker at Hillary Clinton’s all-too-earnest public expressions of desire to help us all, even I recognize whom Trump seeks to serve.

I didn’t have to hear the recording to know who he is in the sanctity of a travel bus. Didn’t we know this much already? Hadn’t supporters from the party of traditional family values long since turned the other cheek and found their excuses to back him for the sake of a bigger picture?

The last thin, fraying strands of reason to choose him come down to policy and ideology, after all. Personal peculiarities shouldn’t mean a lot compared to the real work of this high office. Right? We learned this much from Bill, Hillary’s deeply flawed husband.

The “War on Coal” is as good a real issue as any to consider. Actually, I think it’s downright emblematic.

We hear this phrase from Republican politicians, including Trump and running mate Mike Pence, as if coal’s problem were political. It’s not.

The problem for coal is cleaner, cheaper and abundant natural gas right here in America. And close behind natural gas lurk renewable energy sources, primarily solar. It may take as long as 50 years, but we’ll be there simply because solar will make the most economic sense, never mind the rest of the good reasons for this evolution.

No, the enemy is not politics but progress, the same enemy of so many human enterprises through time.

The war on the horse-drawn carriage was waged by the automobile. Our smart phones are far more powerful than the computers that guided our moonshots.

Technology has revamped the American economy, strongest in the world, while displacing workers as the Industrial Age did. There’s good, there’s bad and mainly there’s just change. This is the stuff of Moore’s Law rather than NAFTA, a curious scapegoat.

I have some experience with this disruption, too, three decades into increasingly remarkable times for newspaper journalism on the technological front alone. Today’s paper is just one of a bunch of mediums we work through now.

What, you think we can legislate our way back to the Gray Lady?

Republicans can fret over which might be worse for their party, Trump losing or winning. But they have a much bigger problem than the bully atop the ticket.

It’s awfully hard to drive forward while concentrating on the rearview mirror.

Publisher Don Rogers can be reached at or 477-4299.

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