Domain name-buying unethical |

Domain name-buying unethical

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to obtain an NH 2020-related Web site.

I set my Web browser searching various possible Web site names relating to NH 2020, and I found only two were active. After locating a service that could tell me what was available, I found essentially everything was taken in the .com, .org, .net versions.

How could this be?! I knew some site names were tied up by speculators trying to make a buck by getting there first. This practice, while apparently legal, seems unethical to me. It’s like taking out patents just to control the marketplace and never intending to use them yourself.

I discovered a Web site,, that could show who owns a Web site domain name. I began to search suitable names relating to NH 2020 in the .com, .org and .net versions. Guess what? All but two were owned by one person (about 30 in all), Susan Levitz/YubaNet. One domain name is owned by Nevada County, and I now own the other, How could Susan have missed this one?

Susan Levitz is a former member of the South Yuba River Citizens League board of directors, a stanch supporter of NH 2020, and has her own pro-NH 2020 Web site.

The Web sites that Susan controls relating to NH 2020 have been locked up for quite some time now. Except for one, these sites have remained unused, that is until all the fuss kicked up about these sites a few weeks ago. Now it seems that they all automatically link to her one active site. So, noNH2020, defeatnh2020, etc automatically go to supportnh2020. Curious, isn’t it?

Terry Robinson

Nevada City

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