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Disturbing trends noted

When we were children fallacies were used to entertain and educate. No one took them seriously and they became children’s books often used in the classroom to separate truth from fiction. What’s so amazing is today’s youth are indoctrinated as the fallacy part is never addressed, portraying any extreme as true to advance an agenda.

Today’s youth probably never heard of Henny Penny, Turkey Lurky, etc., who claimed the sky was falling. Children once were taught to think and reason, discounting unprovable claims. The opposite is being taught today. Environmentalism makes claims with no factual evidence, amassing a huge following, definitely changing nature’s plan to suit their needs. Law is bypassed or changed, to further their agenda. Acquisition of private property is high on their list so the new illegal right to enter private property to remove signs opposing liberal views should not be surprising.

No one could possibly question the publicized version of clean air, clean water, etc. But that’s a facade which the indoctrinated blindly accept as factual, due to loss of reasoning. Revolutions, insurrections, riots and lynchings gain momentum if reasoning demanding facts is ignored. Unfortunately, our colleges are returning to hate America so prevalent during Vietnam. Television makes it impossible to combat school indoctrination and sympathetic politicians as only one side receives favorable coverage. Law enforcement is selectively sorted out to depict unfair violence.

If we are forced to capitulate once again we will have no credence world-wide, and gradually succumb to the underground which never ceased to exist, merely lie in wait.

Frank Haggerty

Penn Valley

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