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Displaying our flag is an honor

I suppose that I am one of those “shallow patriots” that some of you find so offensive. I have the audacity to display an American flag in the back window of my truck. Not only that, but I also have the impudence to fly two American flags on my property, and I wear an American flag pin on my lapel.

Apparently you feel that I should be ashamed of myself. Sorry, I’m not. I believe that I have earned the right to love my flag. I served my country in the military for 29 years. I also served my local community by working as a police officer for 32 years. I have placed myself in harm’s way on myriad occasions to protect other Americans. I have endured the “free speech” anarchists of the ’60s, who threw Molotov cocktails, bricks, rocks, and sacks of human feces and urine at me. I have been attacked with knives, guns, speeding cards, lead pipes, metal chairs, and car bombs. I live in constant pain from injuries that I received serving my community and country.

Every time I see someone displaying the American flag, I am filled with gratitude for our country and for the person who shows appreciation by flying our colors.

It saddens me that people like you can be so judgmental and narrow minded about people you do not know.

Please extend to me my right to display Old Glory. After all, I honor your right to free speech. I even will not tread on your right to be intolerant, blinkered, insular, and stupid.

God bless America, and God bless our honorable president.

E. Jeremy Wright

Grass Valley

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