Dennis Farmer: Stop asking billionaires to fix our problems |

Dennis Farmer: Stop asking billionaires to fix our problems

In response to the opinion piece where the author tries to make the point that if billionaires would just pony up for the proper equipment, our wildfire issues could be solved quickly and before they have a chance to establish a real foothold, it all sounds logical and seems to put the shame on billionaires for being selfish and not doing their fair share.

I don’t know this for a fact but if I had to guess, I would hazard a guess that the author is a Democrat. Furthermore, a Bernie Sanders Democrat who also blames billionaires for our problems.

Need money for additional fire stations and equipment? How about taking those billions being squandered on our bullet train? Or how about redirecting those funds going to provide care and support for illegal aliens?

How about opening stop voting for the same politicians and judges that bend to the will of the tree hugging Sierra Club? The reason we have had such terrible fires lies squarely at the feet of our elected politicians who kowtow to the environmentalists who want to let nature take its course.

Well, guess what? Nature took its course and without proper forest management for the past 50 years all that fuel caught fire and burned. Add to that there were instances where fires were deliberately started by arsonists (arson should bear a mandatory death penalty).

Pleading for billionaires to “fix” our problem is a pipe dream. We already are running people out of our People’s Republic of Kalifornistan, and this is a call is to hasten that exodus.

Raiding billionaires cannot fix stupid voters who keep electing the same incompetent people. Stupidity cannot be cured, but we could start to improve the state by never re-electing an incumbent. Sure we will lose a few good people, but the policy benefits would far outweigh the continuing damage of the current office holders.

Dennis Farmer lives in Grass Valley.

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