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Dangerous foreign policy

Consider this quote from the State of the Union speech as reported by the Union on Feb. 1 by the putative President of the United States and unserer kleiner Fuhrer: “We have entered a great ideological conflict we did nothing to invite.”

This is a truly shocking assertion. Why? Because it is (and I hope you have you seat belt on) … true. That’s right. He actually uttered a true statement, even though upon closer examination it is a garden variety, incomplete mini-truth spoken by one determined to avoid personal responsibility and it masks a larger, more overwhelming and shattering truth.

It goes something like this. Since the end of World War II, U.S. administrations have created and pursued a foreign policy the has opened a direct conduit to dark, sinister, and retrograde spiritual forces that have gradually poisoned the body politic of this country.

For example: Iran

1. We (us as in U.S.) help engineer the overthrow the legitimately elected democratic government of Iran.

2. We install a brutal autocratic government to fill the vacuum we created.

3. For some strange reason the Iranians become quite agitated and finally slough off the Shah and have enough energy after all this to take a bunch of American hostages some of whom are probably CIA operatives.

4. We support our old ally, Saddam Hussein in a war against Iran. Many deaths ensue but after all many of us already know that life is cheap over there.

5. Now these Iranian ingrates have the gall to question our right to impose our version of reality on their region.

This is but one example of a foreign policy that has become chronically and morally ill. We should henceforth call it by it new name: Democratism, the first “ism” of 21st century and the obverse of terrorism.

We have entered a great ideological conflict … and … we have created it and continue to incite it.

Our house is on fire. We are in it. What are we going to do?

Frank Zderic

Grass Valley

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