Critic of Christianity is ignorant or paid |

Critic of Christianity is ignorant or paid

Why is it that Christianity is the only major religion often attacked and vilified with impunity? Could it be for the claim of its founder, Jesus Christ, that he came to redeem the world? He proclaimed: “I am the Way, the Truth and Life. …” He healed the sick and called men to conversion of heart as a prerequisite for God’s favors. Jesus preached a message of love and compassion. He taught us about the dignity of every human being. Such teaching was unique, superior to any pagan religion. Christ’s followers, called Christians, brought the “good news of salvation” to decadent civilizations and transformed them eventually into a peaceful and progressive society. Give Christendom credit also for establishing during the Middle Ages universities which became intellectual and cultural centers all over Europe.

These are the facts of history.

What can you say then of a man who wrote: “Christianity … has stolen from every other religion and faith and either assimilated it or destroyed it all in the name of their God”? Either he is ignorant of history or he is paid to smear Christianity and the Catholic Church in particular.

Now Melinda Monaghan tried in her column to “explain” origins of typical Christian feasts by describing different pagan worships. She failed, however, to explain that Christmas is celebration of Christ’s birthday; that on Sunday we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ after his death on a cross by which He purchased our salvation.

To all those who display here their anti-Christian bias I would say that they are wasting their time and energy because they cannot destroy the Church of Christ. Instead they could do something worthwhile for our community.

Richard Bowen


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