Creature of the CFR |

Creature of the CFR

The Myth: “Following World War II the visionary and heroic founders of the United Nations founders came together to save humanity from the certain annihilation that would result if a nuclear war were allowed to occur.”

The plans for the UNO were drafted in 1943 (victory was in August 1945) by the “Informal Agenda Group,” a secret steering committee set up by FDR’s Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. The IAG was composed of: Leo Pasvolsky, Isaiah Bowman, Sumner Wells, Norman Davis and Morton Taylor – all were members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), except Hull. The IAG’s purpose was to coordinate all the State Department’s postwar planning and to create a vehicle for imposing totalitarian control over the entire planet.

At the U.N.’s “founding,” 43 of the United States delegates were, or would be, members of the CFR, including: Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Ralph Bunch, John J. McCloy, Leo Pasvolsky, Nelson Rockefeller, Harold Stassen, Adlai Stevenson, Isaiah Bowman and John Foster Dulles – founding member of the CFR. The top man, serving as acting secretary-general, was Soviet agent Alger Hiss, also a CFR member.

From that date to today, the armed forces of the United States have been in an near constant state of war. Millions have been killed in needless “police actions” – all in the name of peace. Since 1990 the USA has participated in more than 90 “named” operations. These wars (no longer called wars) have cost more than $21 billion.

It is past time to get us out of the United Nations … write your congressman today.

Clifton A. La Moure

Penn Valley

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