County phone and ZIP code situations need to be addressed |

County phone and ZIP code situations need to be addressed

I love it that Jeff Ackerman wants to see NH 2020 “go away for awhile.” Me too! At least long enough for our supervisors to really get into helping those of us disenfranchised by the ridiculous phone and ZIP code situations that have plagued us for years!

Almost three years ago, we took the problem of long distance charges incurred to connect with our county of residence to this board. (ZIP codes had to be side-railed as a federal issue, the phone is a state issue.) Today, finally, we’re at the threshold of seeing a formal complaint filed with the CPUC on our behalf. There is little doubt with anyone connected to this project that controversy regarding NH 2020 has taken priority. Our other concerns have been given back burner status.

Everyone’s wondering, will it take another three years to have the ZIP code problem addressed? Authority has it that, once again, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed by local government.

As more people, including those with business interests, move to our area, the problem is routinely magnified. Who wants to start a business that says its location is in another county? Who wants to call the business/residence, located within a few miles, but long distance as you dial it?

It’s bad enough that Nevada County residents are being confused with Yuba County residents, and blatantly disregarded as the situation continues to exist without being addressed by the Board of Supervisors, whoever they are!

So, as election time draws near, which candidate really wants to bring the westernmost residents into the Nevada County fold? We’re here and we’d like to be counted, just as soon as we’re recognized as Nevada County residents – you know, those easily identified by their Nevada County phone prefixes and Nevada County ZIP codes.

Sherry Balow


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