County ignoring teens |

County ignoring teens

After recently driving by the new juvenile hall building that our county built, I am, to say the least, utterly disgusted. How is it that we don’t have enough money to support our local schools, but we have enough to build a state-of-the-art juvenile hall? The only school that receives sufficient funding is Nevada Union, yet there are at least three other high schools, and at least three junior high schools inadequately funded. Lyman Gilmore doesn’t have enough funding for teachers, let alone students. Just because the high schools may be second-rate does not mean that the children there are in less need of learning. If anyone needs more funding, it is the second-rate schools. The children are there because they need help learning, so why are they not getting the help they need? I’ll tell you why, because our county is more worried about punishing the children than spending the money to prevent the crimes they commit. In this town, there are only a few options for the children, and most of them require money. The skatepark and the river are the only free choices available, and if you don’t have transportation, you’re out of luck. The parks in this town are mainly for the young children. If teen-agers are hanging out there, we get authorities called and once again we are kicked out. If there were something to do in this town, teens wouldn’t feel the need to rebel against the law. We feel that we are being treated unfairly. When we are seen hanging out in town, it is because that is the only thing to do. If the county would spend a little more time thinking, they would realize that the kids just want something to do besides go to a school that lacks education and funding.

Candace Baker

Grass Valley

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