Correct information makes you a liberal |

Correct information makes you a liberal

Webster Dictionary states, “Liberal person: Not narrow or contracted in mind, free from bigotry. Not bound by authority, or orthodox tenets, or established forms in political or religious philosophy. Independent in opinion, inclined to welcome new ideas, friendly to suggestions or experiments of reform in the constitution or administration of government. Having tendency toward Democratic or Republican as distinguished from monarchical or aristocratic forms.”

Liberal word: derived from liber, meaning free, not servile, or meaning not narrowly restricted. Being liberal is a quality, not a fault.

Many capitalists are liberal – we love America; we are proud to be classified liberal. We do not hate anybody, not even the ignorant puppet in the White House or his greedy oil men administration. We dislike tax cuts to the wealthiest. We dislike CEOs who steal from their employees and make huge political donations to Bush, his gang and the radio commentators who brainwash the public.

We support the U.N. and its worldwide humanitarian work. We dislike Von Rumsfeld and his costly military conquests. We dislike Ashcroft, who trashes the Constitution and attacks our civil liberties. We like hybrid vehicles; we dislike SUVs, the most polluting on the road. Correct information will make you a liberal.

Jean Jacques Legras

Cedar Ridge

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