Core values disappearing |

Core values disappearing

What is wrong with this picture?

Firstly, to clear any misconception as to my motivation – I am a registered voter (I’ve voted in every election in the past 23 years), and a home-owning, college-attended resident of Washington, Calif. And last but not least – a actively participating single parent of two boys.

Now to the meat and potatoes of “What is wrong with this picture?”

There are, as we grow up (hopefully), the parental guidance and lessons. Most important are the values of “honesty” and “integrity” followed by adhering to guidelines of “right and wrong,” and the consequences if these values are not held high. As a single parent, I have worked diligently to instill these values in my boys, as my parents imparted their importance to me. Included in this conception is that one should stand up for what’s right, and for those less able to defend themselves.

Nowadays, society contradicts these core values without the bat of a eye. There are laws and officials that protect the aggressor and punish the one who doesn’t deserve punishment.

People of authority make it increasingly difficult to teach one’s children to trust these people to make the right decisions. In the past, these people would; but in today’s society, bureaucratic pressure or zealots control their “right.”

When growing up, it was cut-and-dried – integrity was something and integrity meant something. It was constant and unwavering. Now it appears as to some a matter of interpretation by incidence.

The doers of the right thing standing behind true integrity are punished and society, as a whole, is coddled into complacency, accepting this because times have changed.

I do not support radicalism, nor do I condone violence for any old reason as these actions tend to be counter-productive. What is important, though, is being able to raise one’s children so they understand accountability, and “continuity” means the same all the time. That consequence follows deed.

Nevada County in some aspects has grown out of control, losing sight of core values that in the past made it the draw to this county …

A place to raise your kids.

Jill Condon


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