Contractors offer county some solutions |

Contractors offer county some solutions

Our community has several very important issues facing us. These issues require thoughtful leadership to propose and implement practical solutions.

The Nevada County Contractors Association is an active community organization working to solve some of our community problems, such as traffic congestion, affordable housing, and preserving our quality of life. We believe in collaboration with our neighbors, our elected officials and other organizations to fund workable solutions and to solve our common problems. The NCCA’s views on some of our local problems, and our proposed solutions, are as follows:

Traffic congestion:

The NCCA believes effective traffic congestion solutions require the cooperation of citizens, business and government. The local building industry, for many years, has been paying fees to mitigate the impacts of new homes and businesses on our roads. We support the continued collection, prioritization, and spending of those fees to complete the road improvements we so desperately need.

In addition, we encourage our local governments to explore additional funding sources to generate revenue directly from those using our roads. A pennies-per-gallon gas tax would cost the average driver only $25 per year, yet would generate significant revenue to improve our existing road deficiencies. Our community-wide problem requires community-wide solutions.

Affordable housing:

The NCCA believes that people of all income levels have a right to home ownership opportunities in Nevada County. A cooperative collaboration of citizens, business and government will minimize the costs to produce housing for our citizens. Our local elected officials should identify and entitle land to accommodate this much needed housing for our teachers, nurses, police officers and our children.

Growth and annexations:

For the past two decades, Nevada County has experienced an average 2 percent annual growth rate. In 2002, we were the 42nd fastest-growing out of 58 counties in the state. The NCCA encourages our local elected officials to maintain our historically sustainable growth rate of 2 percent, thus promoting economic opportunities, while maintaining our quality of life. We encourage the City of Grass Valley to proceed with the annexations on its borders, adhere to its General Plan, promote superior design, and continue in its role as the economic and cultural hub of Nevada County.

Job creation:

The NCCA believes that retaining our community’s current jobs, and creating new jobs for our families and children, are crucial to our economic health. We urge our local elected officials to establish land-use policies that promote an appropriate balance between land for housing and land for jobs, and to increase their financial support for the Nevada County Economic Resource Council as our local economic development experts.

Wildfire hazard:

The NCCA believes wildfire is a very real threat to our community. The simplest, most effective method to reduce wildfire threat is to reduce fuel loads in our neighborhoods. All new homes should have expanded defensible space around them. In addition, all existing homes, when sold, should create or expand their defensible space. All current residents should actively keep their property clear of fuels. With concerted community-wide effort, we can minimize this very real threat to our homes and families.

Preserving quality of life:

The NCCA believes our community’s quality of life is comprised of many different components, including jobs for our families, housing for residents of all income levels, quality health care, access to arts and entertainment, a sense of community, and preservation of our natural environment. A balance of these and other components will lead to the highest quality of life possible for all of our citizens. Together, we can do this!

Keoni Allen is a long-time resident of Nevada County, a contractor who has built numerous local commercial and business buildings and the current president of the Nevada County Contractors Association.

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