Conservatives don’t own our beautiful community |

Conservatives don’t own our beautiful community

I wish to refute the garbage spewed forth in the letter to the editor “FCAT is a purveyor of left-wing propaganda,” published in The Union on July 22.

To me, the biggest negative in our otherwise beautiful community is the large number of right-wing extreme, anti-gay, anti- abortion bigots that infest our community, spewing the hatred expressed in that letter. What I find most objectionable about the religious right is their efforts to jam their 17th century values down the rest of our throats.

I am thankful I am not homosexual. However, I strongly believe that most homosexuals are not gay by choice but by accident of birth, the same as most of us are right- handed but some are left-handed. I believe that whatever consenting adults do in the bedroom is their own business, not mine or that of right wing religious extremists!

What I like most about our Unitarian Universalist Church is the type of people who are attracted to it. While there is no creed or set of beliefs which one has to accept to be a member, a right-wing ridged John Birch type of religious fundamentalist would probably not be comfortable with us. However, if you are an atheist, agnostic, religious liberal, or free thinker you might like to check us out. Most of us tend to be college educated, but this is NOT a requirement. I consider the UU Church to be an island of liberal thought in a sea of conservatives.

However, before you conservatives feel you own this county, I would like to remind you there are over 17,000 registered Democrats in Nevada County.

William J. Toensing

Nevada City

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