Conklin and Bedwell |

Conklin and Bedwell

I support Bruce Conklin for county supervisor. He is approachable, reasonable, and has an excellent track record. Why mess with a good thing?

My support included placing campaign signs on my property. Thursday, someone destroyed those signs and left the pieces scattered. This vandalism is extremely distasteful and totally contrary to our election process.

Drew Bedwell says he champions individual property rights. Yet his supporters evidently condone trespassing on private property, wantonly destroying signs under cover of darkness. I don’t want that mentality to represent me. Do you?

Think about it – and be sure to vote.



Grass Valley

Mr. Bedwell: There is no stump tall enough for a lowly minded John Bircher to stand above a solidly grounded Mr. Conklin.

Dolores A.


Nevada City

Drew Bedwell has been the perpetrator of the worst name-calling and personal attacks in recent memory. His recent calls for “a return to civility” are hypocritical in the extreme.

About a year ago, Mr. Bedwell wrote a column comparing community volunteers to the Sept. 11 terrorists. (Countryside Post, Oct. 23) He then defended his comparison in a letter printed in The Union: “to associate (county policies) to an act of terrorism is not too far out of line with reality.” (The Union, Nov. 12)

Does Drew Bedwell speak for you? If not, reject Bedwell and his extreme rhetoric.

John Regan

Nevada City

I know what Drew Bedwell is against – NH2020, environmentalists, liberals, neighbors who moniter usage of adjacent property, and four of the current supervisors. But I don’t know what he is for.

In all the information I have gathered to be an informed voter, I have not found any proposal by Mr. Bedwell to remedy the problems he states have been created by the things he is against. I will not vote for negatives.

If Mr. Bedwell wants thoughtful votes, he should publically set out his proposals for positive remedies, rather than merely repeatedly espousing criticism of the current board.

Hindi Greenberg

Nevada City

Bruce Conklin has served his district and county well, and knows the meaning of public servant. He is not a one-issue man, and he keeps informed on what people of the county want.

Anyone attending board meetings knows he does his homework and is ready to respond to anything on the calendar.

He returns phone calls and makes visits where necessary. Certainly he is hardworking, and does not make up his mind until he has facts. In addition he is a true nonpartisan.

We are well served by him, and we deserve his good work for another term.



Nevada City

As a member of the retired community here in Nevada County, I am voting for Drew Bedwell.

I am concerned about the future of needed services and safety for the elderly. Where are the service providers going to live? The “majority of four” seem to want to shut down all construction, including affordable housing.

Mr. Bedwell supports sensible development, not rampant growth.

We need a return to reason and common sense. We need a balance. That is why I am voting for Drew Bedwell.



Grass Valley

As a veteran, I appreciate Supervisor Bruce Conklin’s involvement in making the Grass Valley Veterans Hall accessible to disabled vets.

As a retired heavy equipment operator for Nevada County, I appreciate Supervisor Conklin’s efforts in maintaining a living wage for all county employees.

And as the grandfather of two District 3 preschoolers, I appreciate Supervisor Conklin’s recognition and acknowledgment of the importance of the first five years of life, and his diligence in improving early childhood health and education in our county.

Tom Davisson

Nevada City

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