Concerns about Iraqi war |

Concerns about Iraqi war

It’s time to ask ourselves a question

Media reports of the movement of ships, planes, armament, and soldiers make it seem that our government is paving a short, straight highway to war. Is there a sign along the way, “Your Tax Dollars At Work?” Perhaps the sign should read, “Your CHILDREN’S Tax Dollars At Work!”

Can war with Iraq be justified? Is there an unquestioned danger? Can the U.S. claim to be greatly harmed by Iraq? Have all peaceful alternatives been exhausted?

America’s judgment seems to be: “Hussein is an evil dictator attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction. He should be removed.”

How do other countries judge our use of “weapons of mass destruction” on two Japanese population centers (World War II)?

How do other countries judge our use of power in Iraq? During the Gulf War, U.S. bombers destroyed water and sewage systems resulting ultimately in the deaths of 46,900 Iraqi children New England Journal of Medicin report).

Have we become so preoccupied with power, control, and profit (oil) in the Middle East that we have lost touch with our humanity and are ready to inflict the horrors of war on the Iraqi people?

It’s time for the question: “What kind of people are we?”

Del Reynolds

Grass Valley

What’s difference in N. Korea, Iraq?

Bush is hell-bent to wage war on Iraq, where for the past six weeks U.N. inspectors have found not one shred of evidence of any of the weapons of mass destruction that Bush and his fellow Republican warmongers insist that he has. Although Bush says war with Iraq is not inevitable, his every action indicates that he will invade Iraq no matter what the inspectors don’t find and no matter whether the U.N. sanctions his aggression.

What’s the difference between North Korea and Iraq? Both were named in Bush’s embarrassingly juvenile “Axis of Evil” speech, but Korea gets deferential treatment while Iraq is to be pulverized. The difference is that Iraq has the world’s second largest oil reserves while North Korea has squat?

News stories say Bush and his administration warmongers are carefully planning to be sure that Iraq’s oil fields are not damaged and can be taken over by Bush’s cronies (and major Republican Party donors) in the oil industry. Obviously Bush and the rest of this disgustingly imperial administration don’t care how much American and Iraqi blood they shed as long as they get their hands on Iraq’s oil. That’s the reason Bush is beating the war drums!

Richard Van Steenkiste

Grass Valley

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