Compassion for Krause kids |

Compassion for Krause kids

After reading the letters to the editor and hearing different responses around town, I thought I just had to write to let you know how I feel.

It breaks my heart that people can be so judgmental and cruel. My girls and I pray every day for Tracie Krause and her children. Those kids had nothing to do with the decisions their father made; had they, he probably wouldn’t be where he is today. Baylee and Blake are so lucky to have the memory of their father, somewhat of a “hero,” someone that touched so many people, and one who continues to changed lives even from heaven.

What memory will Scott Krause’s kids have? At one point in his life, he must have been a good person, father, son, husband, but his final choices and timing is all those kids have to look back on. That is not their fault. This community wrapped their arms around myself and my girls – and we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know – but there are so many more victims that need that support, as well.

As far as the articles in the paper over the last year, I know you are a newspaper just doing your job, and I continue to remind myself of that as I see reminders of that terrible day a year ago. For the most part, you have been very kind and considerate of my family’s feelings. I could do without pictures of the accident scene over and over. Yet again I remind myself of the nature of your business.

So thank you for remembering Drew over this past year in the best way you know how. As I have said before many times, that if it takes our family’s faces to help just one family with a methamphetamine problem, then we are OK with that. We are all here on this earth to learn lessons and hopefully teach some, as well. We will continue to pray for those innocent victims that methamphetamine use ravages, not just one family but so many more.

Lore Reynolds

Grass Valley

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