Community access is what FCAT is all about |

Community access is what FCAT is all about

This is in response to a recent letter you published where the writer wants to eliminate “religious” programming from FCAT, along with “the man in charge,” because FCAT is the “purveyor of left wing propaganda” and is: “pro-communist”. The writer also wants to remove all the county supervisors who do not agree with him.

Like the writer, I saw some things I didn’t agree with on FCAT. But instead of hatefully seeking to eliminate everyone else’s right to free speech, I exercised my own right and (although I had no prior experience), I began producing a weekly Biblically based TV program counter-acting some of the things I saw on FCAT.

If FCAT is supposedly left-wing, they never scrutinized or balked at the conservative values my program included. They were only concerned with my right to express my views.

The writer objects to my Biblically based program, claiming it does not separate church from state. Since when does exercising your right to free speech and airing a point of view mix church with state? No one is forcing anybody to do anything by expressing an opinion.

This country would be a mess if only certain people were allowed to pick and choose who has the right to free speech and who hasn’t. Free speech applies to everyone.

The writer complains that taxpayer money is spent on “religious” programming, but I finance the cost of my TV program myself. So why should I have to remove my program and forfeit my right to free speech just because this guy does not agree with my point of view? Talk about communism.

Anyone who wants to air a point of view is welcome to take FCAT’s classes on how to produce a TV program. They will assist you and let you use their equipment. They will encourage you and defend your right to get your message out there. That is what community access television is all about.

Dale Tibbs

Nevada City

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