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Here’s some of the comments that appeared this week on TheUnion.com. To comment on a story that appears in the newspaper, go to our Web site and click on the word comments that appears on top of the story. Each week, we’ll publish some of the comments.

On Rep. Doolittle’s concerns about the U.N. taking control of the Internet:

“The United Nations – the same organization that has been fraught with mismanagement, ineptitude, nepotism, and corruption – now wants to take over the world’s most innovative and robust medium, the Internet.” If you replaced the word “nations” with “states,” the sentence would still be correct. How about we leave the Internet out of any government’s hands and let freedom of speech be truly free?

I find it hard to believe that any one country, much less the U.N., can “control” the Internet given the nature of that technology. The nature of the Internet is far too diffuse for that.

Why the U.N. bureaucracy is more inept or inappropriate for Internet regulation than the U.S. is also unclear from Congressman Doolittle’s comments. It is true that a part of the U.N. bureaucracy did poorly with the U.N. Oil for Food program in Iraq. But the U.S. government has had similar problems with tracing billions of dollars in post-war reconstruction contracts in Iraq.

My overall sense is that who manages the Internet is a minor issue. Aren’t there more pressing issues like the interchange at Dorsey Drive for Congressman Doolittle to be worrying about?

While you’re at it, will you make sure the martians don’t take away my jelly beans? Thanks for looking out for me and protecting me from the evil United Nations.

On the death of Joe Ford:

Joe was a very wonderful little boy that I have a lot of found memories of. My heart goes out to my family that I wish that I could be with right now. Know that I love you all.

Before any of you judge, understand that we have lost a very special member of a extremely close family. No matter what we have stuck together through loss and grief and will stand strong. We’ve always reached out to each other no matter what the problems were. This was a very tragic loss that was unexpected. Had anyone knew someone would have helped.

Janet Stankewitz

Anderson, Indiana

On rural health care:

I agree with the article’s author. Health care in Nevada County is fast becoming a threatened commodity. Our community is growing in leaps and bounds with little forethought to the medical infrastructure that is clearly unable to support the burgeoning population. Local physicians are closing their practices. Others are converting to “concierge medicine” by dropping out of all third-party payer programs (including Medicare and private insurers) and offering a limited number of patients the opportunity to pay a fixed annual retainer fee in exchange for “premium services and amenities.” This, in turn, creates a two-tiered system in which certain physicians serve only those who can afford a premium product while others are left with a disproportionate share of those who cannot. Many people now use our already overburdened emergency room as their primary care provider, impacting the resources available to citizens who have a true medical emergency. I don’t think that there is a simple solution for this impending health care crisis, but I am all for any measures that seek to recruit new doctors to our area, as well as retain the few that we already have.

More on Highway 49:

To avoid the concrete barriers, a good solution would be to post radar sensors like the one on Brunswick toward the airport. Position cameras, and signs stating these sections of the highway are being monitored. Have the signs legally posted with the vehicle code section and fine so the violator cannot get out of the offense. The cameras would be positioned in an area adjacent to the radar trailer and in view of taking a picture of the license plate when the driver is exceeding the speed limit. It would be the same theory now being used for the red light cameras. It would not solve the whole problem but would at least be able to monitor certain areas that are the most dangerous.

I think people tailgate to pressure us into speeding, just so they can get somewhere two seconds faster. However, I took the advice of another comment a few weeks ago. Just flip that rearview mirror up. Why not just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride? I especially love that stretch where you come up the hill into Alta Sierra and the tall pines are on both sides of 49. It’d be a shame if they widened it to four lanes and had to cut all that down.


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