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Willis E. McNeill: BLM vs. insurrection a poor comparison

Terry McLaughlin, in your recent guest column I can agree with your opening paragraphs that Capitol insurrection events are reprehensible, people who perpetrated violence should be brought to justice, and both the left and right have bad elements within their ranks.

The stance that the environment is an excuse for the people participating in the Capitol insurrection is not acceptable. By your reasoning, it appears that you believe if someone blatantly runs a stoplight, then it is OK for me to blatantly run a stoplight.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations have primarily been in response to egregious police killings of Black people. How can one watch the video of police officer become judge, jury and executioner of a constrained George Floyd by apparent strangulation and not feel anger and rage? Violence was almost certain to follow.

No I do not condone the violence, as I believe peaceful protest is still the best approach. Remember Colin Kapernick kneeling to peacefully protest against police brutality? We didn’t listen.

BLM demonstrations were consistently seeking equal treatment and justice under the laws and Constitution. The Capitol riots were insurrection and deliberate attempt, incited by Trump, to stop the Congress of United States from fulfilling its duty per the Constitution. Your column does not acknowledge that significant difference.

You also listed as causes: “distrust in the integrity of our election” and “stripped of their livelihoods.” Trump lost the election and despite filing over 62 court cases could never produce any proof of widespread voter fraud. Yes, many lies have been made by Trump to undermine confidence in the election, and the media. We need to remove all in Congress who facilitated Trump by participating in the challenge to certification, as it damaged faith in our election integrity.

We can start by not re-electing Doug LaMalfa, who was part of the challenge and a constant supporter of all of Trump’s lies.

It was Trump who failed at “providing for common defense” against COVID-19 by constantly undermined his own government public health recommendations, and complete leadership failure at response coordination and procurement of personal protective equipment.

Let me give Trump credit for supporting pharmaceutical companies in pursuit of vaccines.

The Trump 2016 campaign and presidency have been blatantly racist. The different police response to the BLM Capitol protest versus the white supremacy Capitol insurrection have been blatantly racist.

I think Trump and the Republican Party have constantly used racism, which exists within the American people and amplified it, encouraged it, even when violent, for political gain to the overall detriment of citizens of the United States of America.

We are far weaker nation today than four years ago. Putin must be overjoyed by how Trump’s presidency has divided and split this country.

Racism has been with this country from the very beginning, but we must address it now for we are currently on path to decline and destruction, not greatness. We as community need to start by changing the minds and hearts from hate and intolerance. We are all humans seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We need to work across racial barriers. We are far better and stronger country when are building our infrastructure instead of building useless border walls. To compete in global economy we need to be developing all of human resources to achieve success.

I suggest our churches, and civic organizations reach out to establish involvement between similar organizations of predominately different religions, ethnicity, or cultures — just like joint cleanup projects on Earth Day.

Willis E. McNeill lives in Grass Valley.

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