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Willard Schoellerman: Both sides wrong on climate change

Recently Don Rogers and others have given their opinions on climate change and I would like to add my observations. One must evaluate climate change over thousands of years, not tens or hundreds of years.

While a student at UC Davis in the late ’50s, I took a geology class which pointed out that during the ice age, glaciers moved from Canada all the way down to the Appalachian mountains in the eastern U.S., where they left terminal moraines which were the mounds of material that the glaciers had left as they made their push south. The global warming that caused these glaciers had left as they made their push south. The global warming that caused these glaciers to melt was not caused by human activity.

Anyone who has traveled Interstate-80 to Utah has noticed when they crossed the great Salt Lake, the scars left on the surrounding mountains by the ancient shoreline when the lake was full. What happened to the water that filled the lake originally? At some time in the past was there copious rainfall in the area which suddenly stopped or was it the water trapped when the global flood waters retreated some 4,400 years ago? Whichever was the case, the climate changed and it was not because of human activity.

About 30 or 40 years ago I read an article about how the Navy was mapping the ocean floor off the Pacific coast and discovered an ancient shoreline about 300 feet below the modern shoreline. It was obvious that the glacier melting over thousands of years has caused the ocean waters to rise and it was not caused by human activity.

I remember reading in the National Geographic several years ago a report from NASA while scanning the earth with ultraviolet sensors that over the Sahara Desert in north Africa, they discovered an ancient stream-river system under the sand which proved thousands of years ago that rains fell in that region. In the small mountain range in the middle of that desert researchers found hieroglyphics depicting the natives hunting game. Again this occurred thousands of years ago, before human activity would have caused the climate to change.

In the last 10 years underwater explorers have discovered the ancient city of Heracleion off the coast on Alexandria, Egypt which is under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists are now raising monuments and other items from their watery grave. A similar find was made about 10 years ago by a joint Canadian-Russian team mapping the Caribbean Sea off the Yucatan Peninsula. The digital interpretation of the site was like a city with tall buildings and wide avenues all under water.

I trust this gives enough evidence that there has been significant global warming over thousands of years and it has not been caused by human activity.

Unfortunately global warming advocates are using the Chicken Little approach that doomsday is fast approaching, rather than using scientific evidence confirming that global warming is not because of human activity.

Willard Schoellerman lives in Nevada County.

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