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Walt O’Dwyer: At root is respect for others

We all have ideas of what we want — what we deserve — what our rights are. We are individuals who decide the outcome of circumstances.

We as a community are very giving, with a big heart supporting people! We give to the homeless, to those who have medical issues, be it to help with medical expenses, to the meal programs for students who might not have enough wholesome food.

We support the elderly with programs that allow those to be able to socialize with others. We have support services for those hospitalized. Pet visits, companion visits, volunteers to help those in need with compassion, love, caring. We support the arts, library, crafts.

I feel that most have empathy toward all.

We are struggling now: COVID-19, school closures, confusion, division, hate, lack of jobs and lack of respect.

To wear or not wear masks. That has been the question, as has been reported in the local news and conversations. There is respect for one’s opinions. Do what you honestly feel is correct. This is the freedom that has come through many, many years working things out and again respect. Do what you want as long as it does not infringe on my safety. Do your own thing!

How can we refute what science and local results have proven to us — that respect is the answer. The wearing of a mask, no mass gatherings, safe distancing and immunizations will get us out of this funk.

I will always wear my mask. I am 78 years young. I want my friends, children, grandchildren to not further suffer as a result of lack of caring for self and others.

They say you have to walk in one’s shoes to understand. Well, I can’t. Those who have lost their business, those who have had to lay off employees, those whose restaurants have been closed — I’ve tried to help out by buying takeout, etc. I know it’s not enough, but I’m trying.

We could be closer to the orange tier if we all accepted the fact that we all need to respect others. Our numbers are still going up.

Can we change? I hope so. Yet I still see those who don’t care, refuse to participate in the protocols of safety such as masks and social distancing. I love living in Grass Valley and treasure the dinners, lunches, fairs, people helping people. We support those in our community who are in need with smiles and good wishes by many.

Yet on March 23 in The Union was an article: “Worldwide Rally for Freedom.” For freedom? Groups of people opposed to vaccines, masks, government authority, etc., joined former Nevada City Mayor Reinette Senum on the issue of COVID-19, with no masks!

I’m proposing that the Nevada County Restaurant Coalition help themselves stay open by encouraging all their people to wear masks to protect themselves and others so everyone can open. Positive action.

Senum suggested breaking down the doors of the Rood Administration Center and bringing members of the Health Department to justice!

Is this the answer, or do we stand up, deal with this COVID-19 issue and triumph together? Remember President Donald Trump’s speech: “Let’s march down to the White House.” Sound familiar?

Well, I’ve said a lot. We are community usually supportive of each other. Let’s get back together to fun times, wear masks, maintain social distancing and, most importantly — respect.

Walt J. O’Dwyer lives in Grass Valley.


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