Trump: keep doing what you’re doing |

Trump: keep doing what you’re doing

Greg Marshall
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This is in response to Darrell Berkheimer’s editorial on June 9 entitled, “What should America do to be great again?” Berkheimer begins his article with the opinion that the United States is declining in both image and importance and that’s being accelerated by President Trump.

I submit the decline in the U.S.’s image and importance abroad is more the direct result of President Obama and his pal, Hillary Clinton’s disastrous foreign policy from 2008 to 2016. That policy began with Obama’s apology tour almost immediately after his inauguration, support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt in 2011, full troop withdrawal from and abandonment of Iraq the same year, the U.S. bombing and subsequent death of Muammar Kaddafi in Libya in 2012, financial and political support for the Palestinians including, by default, terrorists such as Hamas and the PLO, removal of the missile defense system from eastern Europe, a lopsided giveaway deal with Iran to allegedly curb nuclear development and the overt lack of support for our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

These actions created a power vacuum in the Middle East and resulted in significant expansion of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the increase in Iranian influence throughout the Middle East, gave Russia the green light to do whatever it wanted in Eastern Europe and contributed to the decline of U.S. image and importance and, more importantly, the lack of trust in the US by our allies.

Couple those disasters with the Obama era significant reduction in U.S. military capabilities and one can understand why the U.S. rapidly approached the status of declining superpower over the last 10 years. Whether you like President Trump or not he is reversing those trends.

Berkheimer’s next point was his statement on how immigration helped make the U.S. great. I don’t think anyone disagrees that immigrants over the years have helped make the U.S. great.

The point Berkheimer misses is that immigration policy in the late 1800s and 1900s when immigration peaked was not one of uncontrolled, open borders. Immigration in that time frame was tightly controlled. Immigrants were screened and returned to their country of origin for diseases, mental illness, criminal records and a myriad of other disqualifying criteria. I think even the strongest conservatives support immigration as long as the policy includes secure borders and controlled immigration input.

Berkheimer’s mid article points were vague and not well supported with facts. They seemed to be the standard liberal talking points on health care, poverty, minority unemployment, etc. Review of the latest economic data reflects the U.S. currently enjoys a record breaking low unemployment rate, less than 4 percent.

The unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics is the lowest it’s ever been and, in fact, there are more jobs currently available than people looking for them. I agree with Berkheimer that more occupational training is in order since reports reflect that many unemployed are not qualified for available technical and skilled labor openings.

Berkheimer’s article does not state so specifically but his obvious liberal bias would lead one to believe in order for America to be great again we need to return to a world of big federal government, stifling corporate and personal taxes to support a “nanny welfare state” including unsustainable single payer medical coverage for all, business and innovation strangling federally mandated rules and regulations and a smaller military with less foreign involvement.

He ends with the questions of: “Can we take the right actions to make America great again?” and “What do the recent actions under President Trump portend for our country’s future?”

Again, I submit, like Trump or not, his policies of smaller government, lower corporate and individual taxes, reduction in business strangling regulations, attempts to secure our borders and control immigration, rebuilding our military and reestablishing strong trust worthy foreign relations are having a positive effect on making America great again both domestically and overseas.

Berkheimer did not directly answer his own question of “What should America do to be great again? ” but I will … “Keep doing what we’re doing!”

Greg Marshall lives in Penn Valley.

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