Todd Juvinall: Trump can’t please media, Democratic critics |

Todd Juvinall: Trump can’t please media, Democratic critics

The media and Democrats are hysterical about Trump and his voters.

What frame of reference do most of these “journalists” have regarding riots and why they happen? I guess the playground of their elementary schools are their frame of reference.

I have lived through the riots of the ’60s. And those were truly something. Blacks burning down their own homes in protest of being denied “civil rights.” Students doing the same on campuses across the land in protest of the Vietnam War. And the 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago where Democrat Mayor Daley sent his cops to bonk the rioters on the head.

Now those were something to behold. Now we see some neo-Nazis doing battle with some communists/socialists in Charlottesville, Virginia, and that becomes the frame of reference for those that were not around in the ’60s. But the damage to people and things does not compare at all. Yet, the media blames the “right” and Trump, while I know there is enough blame to go around.

I have never seen such hate by the left-wing media against anyone in politics or even personal life.

I attended two “free speech” rallies in Berkeley this year. I got so see firsthand the lefty thugs at work. They call themselves “Antifa” short for anti-fascist. Yet the people I was there listening to were simply making speeches for free expression and speech as these Antifa thugs were pepper spraying them. And the Antifa/Democrat lefty thugs sliced and diced some free speechers with knives! I did not see the outrage against the left from the media and I did not read all the personal stories of these black-hooded antifa thugs. Maybe the present day “journalists” are in sympathy?

So now we see the never-ending attack on Trump and his voters from these same left-wing media types and their Democrat politicians. Sure, there are some weak-kneed Republicans who mouth off against Trump and those who voted for him. We call them RINOs — Republicans in name only. And they will be primaried for their views.

I have never seen such hate by the left-wing media against anyone in politics or even personal life. My goodness, the left’s attempts to shame the 65 million people who voted for Trump is amazing! Rather than let him try to govern, he is attacked daily. Today’s Sacramento Bee is a perfect example. Many stories about how Trump is a rat. And the local paper, The Union, has a opinion piece attacking Trump and the Republicans. Why is this?

I think Trump is simply used to running a company with employees doing what he says. After all, that is business. But in politics, all these politicians have egos. And they want to be heard, especially if they are trying to gain the front page above the fold.

Poor President Trump cannot say anything without all these “smart” people parsing every word. His first speech on Charlottesville was to me quite succinct and understandable. But the critics of every word he says screamed that it was not enough! You must do what we say or we will destroy you. So they are trying their best. And those cowards in politics and even some business leaders are crying Trump was not be specific enough in his criticism. He must specifically denounce Nazis. Of course he did in his own way, yet that was not good enough.

I knew what he meant, as did millions of other common sense people. We know he hates Nazis and violence. But because he lumped the communist/Antifa darlings into the mix, he became toxic to the press. I support Trump because he is not a politician and he is a disrupter.

Try getting a building permit and see how long it is before you become a fan of a “disrupter.” But all this left-wing parsing and their attacks on the man are not good for America. Trump was duly elected under the rules and these people are trying to accomplish a “soft coup” to remove him. Sure, he is far from perfect, but so am I and so are you.

His vision was put into office, and 65 million Americans did that. If the left-wing media/Democratic complex tries to usurp the American people’s decision, there will be consequences, and none are good. Think before you tear down American history and its people.

So let the man govern and stop this carping every day. There are lots of things to fix and most were caused by Democrats. Just like they did in the ’60s.

Todd Juvinall, a former Nevada County supervisor, lives in Nevada City.

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