Todd Juvinall: Quit complaining: Americans doing better under Trump |

Todd Juvinall: Quit complaining: Americans doing better under Trump

Todd Juvinall
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Reading Brian Hamilton’s column on President Trump in the July 18 edition of The Union got my blood boiling.

Hamilton complains that Trump should have done this or that when he held the press conference with Putin on Monday. Trump is more or less a Putin puppet and should have told him off right there at the podium. Russia meddled in our election and Trump should have told him to stop it. Don’t ever do it again. And Trump dissed his own intel community findings released just days before. How could Trump do this?

Oh my goodness, this is just terrible, Hamilton believes.

I disagree. After I watched the Presser I came away with a completely different impression. Trump had just come from his NATO meeting where he chastised them for not paying their “fair share” they had agreed to. All the 29 members had said in a contract/treaty they would pay 2 percent of their GDP into funding for NATO. Over the years that never happened. Even though previous presidents chastised them, the NATO members failed to pay their amounts due. So he wants them to pay. To me that was common sense and it was not dissing the members at all. Pay what you agreed to pay. And reimburse us, the Americans, for paying the lion’s share over the years. Just like any debt collector or bank lender would do to The Union newspaper.

So he goes to Helsinki and meets for two and a half hours with Putin. He has some help and a interpreter as does Putin. They talk about a lot of things of mutual interest. And remember Putin has along with America, 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons. We should have a decent relationship with a country that could fry us, shouldn’t we? Of course. The issues of nuclear proliferation, Syria’s civil war, Iran and many other items were discussed. All these things are important. And America, under Trump has tightened all the economic sanctions it can against Putin. Why? Because he took over the Crimea and has more or less taken Eastern Ukraine. Trump kept the sanctions to keep the pressure on Putin to get out.

Trump and Putin have a joint press conference in Helsinki right after their meeting. And Trump of course, gets the standard questions about Russian meddling in the election. All done in Obama’s Administration The “never-Trumpers” and the media and Democrats wanted Trump to walk over and slap Putin in the face I guess. Instead, Trump said he was told again by Putin that the Russians did not “meddle” and Trump was supposed to walk over and slap him again I guess.

Trump did not condemn Putin’s statement. Instead he mentioned “where is the server?” And of course, we know Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russians while she was Secretary of State. She signed off on 25 percent of America’s uranium to a Russian business. And then received $145 million into her “foundation.” And her husband got a $500,000 paycheck for a speaking engagement in Moscow. Trump got nothing.

And we know the intel community and the FBI leaders under Obama did their best to defeat Trump as seen in the emails of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page and their boss. So Trump might be a bit suspicious of the intel people. I would be.

So the people who hate Trump are on the lookout for anything they can turn into a complaint. Even some Democrats called the speech “treasonous” for goodness sake. I say they have lost their minds. The old “differences stay on the beach of America” when the president is overseas only applies to a Democrat apparently. Trump is in charge of our foreign policy as written in our Constitution. Yet even Brian Hamilton in little old Grass Valley thinks he knows more what should be done than our president.

I say the critics need to step back and put a lid on it. They are undermining the president and that is a signal to our enemies we should be very careful about. America under Trump is prospering and the economy and other major issues are moving forward. Trump was elected because, in my view, the Democrats and the swamp of Washington D.C. politicians and sycophants were driving America into the ground.

Trump is turning that around and the common man and woman of the country are gaining the benefits of this.

Todd Juvinall is a former Nevada County supervisor who lives in Nevada City.

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