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Todd Juvinall: Liberals experiencing Trump derangement syndrome?

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Todd Juvinall

Reading the Hilary Hodge column on Feb. 28 finally put me over the top.

What I have observed for many years is the leftist/extremists of America are missing reality. Things like a true American culture, personal responsibility and a willingness to get along with others rather than just themselves. It is all over the country at every level of life. Even in our little bucolic county in the foothills we must read this whining of liberal extremists.

And all this while they tell us they want to just “get along” and “bring us together”.

Actions speak louder than words. If it is not their way, then you all need to hit the highway. The recent election of Thomas Perez as Democrat National Chairman and his sidekick Keith Ellison as deputy chair are the best examples of division. These two will not rest until they have taken everything from the hard-working Americans they say they care about. They want bigger government. More regulations and higher taxes. They propose even more stringent rules on you and your body (Obamacare does that). They are going to pick your pockets while smiling in your face.

And America has been out of control in the regulation mode for too long. … Unshackle the people from “mother” government. Be free to dream and see if those dreams can manifest into success.

But wait! Americans just rejected them, didn’t we? Yes, we did. Democrats were booted from power at all levels of government in America. Their candidate, the “shoo-in” Hillary Clinton, lost Democratic bastions in the Midwest and “rust-belt” states. She could not even connect with her own ilk. Trump did, and he secured the necessary Electoral College votes and won the presidency. The shock has been so great the Democrats’ heads are still spinning. They blame other things for their monumental defeat, yet won’t look in the mirror for the real reasons.

Their ideology is bankrupt and not a philosophy or governing strategy for our free market capitalistic country. Trump’s message of freedom, success and personal responsibility resonated with enough people to gain him the brass ring. He is smaller government. I, too, was a builder and I think I can relate to him better than most.

When you are forced into the bureaucracy and have thousands of rules to follow with penalties if you don’t, you gain some insight others don’t have. And America has been out of control in the regulation mode for too long. Trump wants to protect the things the people want protected, but get rid of or shrink the superfluous items we don’t need. He wants to lower taxes and regulations as he knows this will spur growth and jobs. Unshackle the people from “mother” government. Be free to dream and see if those dreams can manifest into success.

But the Democratic types want none of that. They want to control you. They want to take your money. They want to penalize and jail you if you don’t agree. You are to shut up and do what they say or else. They run people off campuses that want to exercise free speech. They want to jail you if you have a different view of the hoax of “climate change” caused by man.

Just look in any lunchroom in America and you will see posters from all kinds of alphabet agencies telling you who you can hire, what you can say, what research you can do and what you must pay. And those posters require you to be their collection agency for the people’s taxes. Without pay!

The Democrats are shell shocked and now they are lashing out at the victors. Trump did not even get a day to celebrate as Democrats boycotted the inauguration and a liberal women’s march took place in Washington D.C. the next day. These people are now screaming at Republican members of Congress in town halls across America. I hope the congressmen and congresswomen stand up to these bullies. And it appears many of these protestors are paid to scream. Now that doesn’t seem very “organic” does it?

Hilary Hodge and her pals are what I consider the extremists in sheep’s clothing. They tell us they want us to come together, but they really don’t. Action speaks louder and we all see it.

The bottom line is we on the right won, we have majorities and we got them through hard work and a great message to hard working Americans. You can keep your Hollywood princes and mouthpieces and we will take the plumbers and welders and hotel maids.

Todd Juvinall, who lives in Nevada City, is a former Nevada County supervisor.


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