Todd Juvinall: Empathy and Indivisible? Sure! |

Todd Juvinall: Empathy and Indivisible? Sure!

Marilyn Nyborg, a Democrat, wrote a pretty piece on May 10 in The Union. Her headline, “Bring the best minds to the table,” sounded great. And she discussed how proud she is with the “Indivisible Women’s” organization.

Now I must ask, if you really think that way, you know, claiming “living room conversations” are necessary to get along, then why does your political party lie about every little thing? Remember when you wanted to know how come the Tea Party was only made of Republicans? And it was shown that was untrue, yet you claim it still today. How many Republicans are in your organization? My guess none or very few.

Hard to have an in-depth conversation about anything when all the members are of one ilk. And why do you speak of this now? Oh, Trump won and we have a Republican Congress, that is why. But how come you don’t have the same energy and desire about California governance? Your party has a super majority here. Your party just voted a $5 billion per year tax increase and raised the registration fees on every motor vehicle. Seems to me that if you wanted to have a conversation, you might discuss that. But you don’t. Therefore, you are stuck in your ideology and are simply trying to get Republicans to feel guilty for their beliefs.

My goodness, California has had a Democratic Assembly most of my 66 years, and only once, 1996, did the Republicans have a majority. And only by one. So how come you never speak up about that disparity?

The issue in politics is victory for your ideas and your side. We all listen to each other and we do exhibit empathy, but it still boils down to a majority.

The reason is because Democrats want it all. Total power over all of us that disagree with your socialist theories. Looking at California and the country we see what Democrats are really all about. In my view, Trump is a breath of fresh air. He is not a politician and that threatens you. He is kind of a loose cannon in comparison to the politics of the left. Makes me happy. The reason there are Democrats and Republicans (and many other fringe groups) is because like the old saying “birds of a feather flock together.” That is shown to us every day. That is why people of the same political bent join their party. Why people of the same racial makeup live in the same places. Why rich and poor have their own places. It is human nature. I am sorry to say, I have no faith the Democrats here and across the country are sincere. They are simply trying to be relevant.

Also the same day, a column by a Benjamin Avansino discussed us having “empathy” for each other in politics. Well sure, but how far does that get a bill that needs 51 votes to pass? The issue in politics is victory for your ideas and your side. We all listen to each other and we do exhibit empathy, but it still boils down to a majority. All else is fruitless. Look again at California. Does anyone think the Democrats care a whit about the feelings of the Republicans? Hardly. They have a super majority; they do not need to show any empathy, and they don’t. So we get a true “one-sided” result. Socialist/communist. And now they have a bill to allow the hiring of communists in our state government. Do you think the protests of the Republicans matter? Nope.

Politics has been said to be war without bloodshed. I think the reason we have parties in America is because the “worldviews” are so different. Republicans are for smaller government, lower taxes, accountable bureaucrats and individual freedom. The Democrats are the opposite. How do you square those differing views? By a majority vote.

So at least the country has a slim majority of my party, while these people have a super majority here in the state. Empathy? No, victory. You can have cordial discussions and refrain from yelling and rioting to get a victory. Unfortunately, we see that missing with the Democrats. I challenge you to produce one riot by Republicans. All are from the left and that makes their discussion about “empathy” a hoax and disingenuous.

America has always been divided politically. The revolution saw only 25 percent of the country in war, the rest were on the fence and not involved. That is the deal, make war with words and gain majorities. No bloodshed. And that is why we are such a great country.

Todd Juvinall is a former Nevada County supervisor who lives in Nevada City.

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