Todd Juvinall: Democrats and their make-believe fantasies |

Todd Juvinall: Democrats and their make-believe fantasies

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Todd Juvinall

Is there a virus in our country that seems to only be infecting people called Democrats? What is going on?

Has their Trump Derangement Syndrome become so bad they cannot make sense of anything?

America has had elections since the first days of the republic. Even though the losers were probably unhappy they lost, they never tried to seek a “coup” to undo the election. We see that has changed since Trump won in 2016. The left, Democrats, the media and progressives have come down with the TDS virus. They are willing to destroy the village in order to save it. Americans take heed. These people will be a pox on our country if we allow them power. They are unhinged. Even media journalists are infected. Every story seems to be a rewrite of the truth into their own words.

The latest attempt is a phone call by President Trump to the Ukrainian President that has become a tool for their coup. I read the full transcript and when you read it, it is apparent the Democrats have no reading or comprehensive skills. I cannot find anything in that phone call that would cause me concern. But the Democrats can.

Impeachment is a radical left-wing scam. Don’t fall for it.

And if it isn’t clear, they make up their own version of the world as was done by Congressman Adam Schiff. When confronted with his totally dishonest take, he claimed it was just “parody.” No, it was your attempt to rewrite the president’s words. Nothing to see there so you decided to do your Tony Soprano and we did not fall for it.

Now we see the Pelosi mob machine shouting that the transcript was “covered up!” Say what? Trump’s phone calls have been leaked numerous times and to me that is a national security issue. These people leaking the phone calls are traitors and spies in my book. Which government are they helping? Are they Russian operatives somehow now in the White House? Watch the movie “SALT” and see if maybe that movie was telling us something. Is Adam Schiff an agent of Russia or some other foreign government? When I listen to these people like Schiff I hear anti-American. They are foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies. Their brains are corrupt.

Now the media and the Democrats call this “whistleblower” some sort of hero. Really? How about spy? What if there were highly classified items discussed that could put Ukraine and the USA in some sort of jeopardy? Would that not be treason? I say yes. And the whistleblower heard most of this stuff second- and third-hand, so how can that be admitted in any rational legal proceeding? It should have been rejected, but somehow the “intelligence” Inspector General said it was credible! Now how could a rational person think or say that? Heck, I even know that hearsay is not admissible in court. What it says to me is this: the IG is part of the “deep state” and a Never Trumper. He bent the rules so much they are unrecognizable. But the media and Democrats keep saying this traitor is a whistleblower. Ridiculous.

The Democrats are desperate. I think they have a desire to rid their primaries of Joe Biden and think they would get a two-fer. But I say three-fer. The Democrats are scared to death that Attorney General Barr will be exposing their previous coup attempt. And maybe some of their people will be indicted. And their response is to try to divert the attention of Americans to this and impeachment. We all know there is nothing there, and the Democrats will pay the price at the election. Some of them have been pretty obvious. Al Green, a Democrat from Texas, said on the air they have to impeach Trump or he will win in 2020.

Lastly we see the press attacking Trump for what Biden and the Democrats did. Biden’s son was getting as much as $83,000 a month for being on a board of an energy company he had no experience with. This is their constant strategy. Whatever they are doing, they say the Republicans are doing. And the press carries their water. All liars and untrustworthy.

Impeachment is a radical left-wing scam. Don’t fall for it. The Democrats are unhinged.

Todd Juvinall is a former Nevada County supervisor who lives in Nevada City.

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