Todd Juvinall: A big thank you to the Democratic Party |

Todd Juvinall: A big thank you to the Democratic Party

Why would I be thanking the Democratic Party for anything you might ask? Well I have never seen a party so disconnected from reality than this party.

Along with their mouthpieces we used to call the “mainstream media,” Americans are getting a huge dose of lunacy. Every single day we read and see the conspiracy theories of these Trump truthers. And if one simply does a bit of homework you will understand how far out into the ozones these people are.

The country was subjected to over three years of investigations on Trump. They called him a Putin puppet and a traitor to his country. His family and friends were subjected to crazy theories and all were taken as truth by the Democratic party and the media. Only Fox News and talk radio showed restraint and common sense. The Mueller team, headed by a man rejected by Trump for the leadership of the FBI was handed the investigation of the “hoax” of “collusion” by the president. He hired 19 Hillary Clinton lawyers to carry this investigation. And the report has been submitted and it clears Trump from any collusion or obstruction of justice. And all the millions of dollars spent was for naught. Mueller knew there was no collusion from day one. He was aware there was no obstruction from day one. The president can fire any member of the executive branch for any or no reason.

Our country has been subjected to an investigation created because Trump said during the campaign that maybe Russia could find those hacked Hillary Clinton and DNC emails and turn them over to the media. It was a joke and I watched him say it live! But the Democrats were looking for anything they could find to toss Trump out and put Hillary in. Trump actually won the popular vote, if you remove the California totals. One state, ours, is so Democrat they could toss any election to a Democrat if there was no Electoral College. That provision in our Constitution was placed there so that bigger states or cities would not control our country. Pretty smart.

But now the Democrats are pushing to get rid of the Electoral College. How would you like San Francisco/Los Angeles and New York City controlling American laws and actions? Sanctuary cities for all, illegals can vote and open borders and millions flood in? The Democrats are now the “Socialist Party” and everyone needs to be concerned. Do you want to retain your individual rights? Or do you want a bureaucrat to tell you how to live and what you can do and eat and say? It is that stark.

America has some choices coming up in the next election. The Democrats are all in their “clown car” and when they get out and speak Americans better pay attention. They want to “transform” America into something our founders spoke out against. The Democrats will become King George and you will be the peasants. And therefore, sit down and shut up. They are pushing the “Green New Deal” and have told America we have 12 years before the apocalypse. No airplanes, no motors fueled by gasoline, no beef as those bovines flatulate and create methane. You ever seen a train to Hawaii? This is a loony idea but embraced by almost all the Democrat running for president. Is this getting a bit more clear? They have yet to tell us how the farmers will grow the food the people of the cities will need. And how will that food get there? On a windmill-powered airplane or big rig?

It seems to me that differences between our political parties could not be starker. Republicans are all about freedom of the people from a over-reaching government. We love the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. The Democrats say the same, but their actions expose their true intentions. The left wants to change the Constitution and force is all into Mao suits. They are all about changing our great country into a Third World one at best. We cannot let them.

And we all must stay diligent about what these Democrats are proposing. There is no free lunch. They say there is. But all you hard-working Americans will see them take most of your money and possessions to give to others without strings. We Republicans think and practice something of value, earned is more important.

Todd Juvinall lives in Nevada City.

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