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Terry Robinson: I’m vaccinated; why should I have to wear a mask?

When the pandemic hit a year and a half ago, I considered myself at significant risk of the more severe symptoms. So I hit my local paint supplier and purchased another gallon of denatured alcohol for hand sanitizing, and hunkered down for more than a year. I guess that’s not too difficult for a hermit like myself.

When a vaccine became available, at the first opportunity I made two trips to Sacramento to get my vax shots. This was no small task. How long has it been since you braved the traffic on I-80? It takes a lot of time to make a round trip.

During my hunkered-down phase, I continued with my usual projects but relied on my extensive inventory of parts and materials until they started running low. Not wanting to associate with others, I resorted to buying online. I created a file on my computer of good sources, keeping track to reduce my search times. This worked very well.

The serious COVID-19 cases now are almost all unvaccinated people, so why is it I’m still being requested to wear a face mask in many establishments? Is this merely to give those unvaccinated a false sense of security?

If someone doesn’t want to get the vaccine, I’m fine with that. That’s their choice, but don’t try to require me to wear a face rebreather. I won’t do it and I won’t feel guilty about it, either. If the unvaccinated get sick, I’m sorry for them, but it won’t likely be my fault. It was their choice.

In past years, being retired, I made three to five visits to hardware, building supply and nursery suppliers a week. Now in the past year and a half I have made 10 to 15 visits for those larger items like bags of concrete and lumber not suitable for online purchases.

I find it sad that our fine local businesses have been the big losers here. They are darned if they do and darned if they don’t. Regardless, my new buying habits are now firmly entrenched and will not change going forward.

Terry Robinson lives in Nevada City.

Editor’s note: As more information about COVID-19 and its evolving variants is learned, the guidance evolves as well. We know that the vaccinated can spread the disease, and can catch the disease. We’ve always known that the vaccines greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming seriously ill from the disease.


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