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Terry Lamphier: John Q. Public takes on Q-Anon

You’ve read about it on your phone so it must be true. Liberals are baby-eating Satanists. How do we know? Because unknown, secretive persons or organizations are telling you so, encouraged by our intellectually miswired president and spread by frustrated, bored paranoiacs with anger-management issues, narrow intellects, poor analytical skills and, sadly, no common sense.

It can’t possibly be Russian disinformation specialists seeding mistrust in order to bring our country down without tanks and bombs; they are our new best buddies.

I offer you a courageous, non-secretive alternative: myself, hereinafter referred to as “John Q. Public,” with tips which acknowledge our growing subset of the intellectually challenged: Q-tips, if you will, “in one ear, out the other.”

I will strive with near hopelessness to bring clarity to the world before we descend completely into a mindset inhabited by demons, fairies, sea monsters, ghosts and the like.

… “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I stubbornly refuse to recognize the futility of arguing the history of established science, foundational concepts of civilization and laws derived from philosophical jurisprudence dating back to the ancient Greeks and beyond and the physical laws of reality.

There is no climate change? Rising atmospheric carbon and other fossil fuel gases pose a grave threat to life on earth, with storms getting worse, food-growing regions facing rising threats and now the need to cut down carbon-absorbing, climate change mitigating trees to save ourselves from increasing fire dangers. In 100 years, we have released — and continue to release — the carbon that was formed into fossil fuels over millions of years from the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth’s global-wide hot, primordial swamps. Note that there is coal in Antarctica. Where do you think your children’s children will escape to?

COVID-19 is a hoax or not that bad? Tell that to your dying grandparents wracked with pain and choking to breath with a tube down their throats. The last time there was a disinformation campaign on the scale of the current one was when newspapers were ordered not to report fully on the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 as it would demoralize our World War I troops who were dying as much by the flu as by battle.

You believe in the Constitution, with its First Amendment clause guaranteeing free speech, yet you rip the signs of peaceful protestors out of their hands? Oh, the irony. May your judge sentence you to take and pass a class studying the U.S. Constitution or better yet, prove to the judge you deserve citizenship by correctly answering the questions immigrants are required to answer to gain U.S. citizenship.

While you are studying the Constitution, read Article 1, Section 8 which precedes the Second Amendment. Buried half way through, the Constitution gives clear guidance as to how to interpret gun ownership and militias.

What about our federal government’s “deep state” bureaucracy? We are talking about an institution made up of millions of patriotic employees with good pay and benefits guided by, until recently, leadership more or less believing in the Constitution, collaboration and due process. The exceptions, such as rogue operatives and crooked politicians, are more typically self-serving ideologues and greedy capitalists than agents of a mass conspiracy to take over the U.S. In other words, people who typically benefit from social disorder caused by conspiracy theories.

Q-Anon’s slogan, “Where we go one, we go all,” sounds a little coercive and threatening. I prefer President Benjamin Harrison’s adoption of the simple call for “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Terry Lamphier lives in Grass Valley.

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