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David Glubetich: Ten troubling things


The contentious election is over. The coronavirus will soon be history. It would be great if from here on we’d have smooth sailing. We just have to deal with those dark storm clouds coming our way. With that said, here are 10 very real and troubling issues that can’t be avoided.

1: President Biden’s promise to “heal and unify the American people:” Shortly before the election candidate Joe Biden said he would not issue a lot of executive orders as they were dictatorial, yet in his first few weeks he issued a record-breaking number. That set the tone for his administration, its his way or the highway.

2. We’re giving away money: It’s like buying votes. Yes, many people are in desperate needs for financial help, but Democrats are using the coronavirus as a smoke screen to pass their pet projects. Now they want reparations for Blacks and all sorts of aid for illegal immigrants. It’s our children and grandchildren who will suffer the most.

3. Election fraud is real: We can argue all day long about whether fraud changed the results of the last election; however, it has undermined our belief that elections are fair and honest. Americans must have faith that our elections are fair, but that won’t ever happen when ballots are mailed out like they were advertising flyers and efforts to have voters show any form of identification are thwarted. Now they want 16 year olds to vote and allow ballot harvesting.

4. Minimum wage: All parts of the U.S. aren’t the same. The cost of living in Grass Valley is far less than in Sunnyvale, and it’s much less expensive living in Arkansas than in California. Thus, a national $15 minimum wage for pay back to union supporters would be disastrous for most Americans and small businesses. While many will get an income boost, perhaps many more will lose their jobs and many businesses will close. Get ready for serious unintended consequences and $10 McDonald’s burgers.

5. Law and order: We’ve witnessed unprecedented unrest and violence across our nation. Portland and Seattle have been national embarrassments, yet the Democrats refuse to blame BLM and Antifa for the riots and insurrection, while many call for the reduction and even elimination of police departments. As liberal attorney generals and judges eliminate bail and put criminals back into the streets, our cities are less safe, and crime is soaring.

6. Borders and immigration rules are a must: Nations have borders, even the Democrats once believed in them. Now with Biden’s executive orders we are opening the flood gates for literally millions of unskilled immigrants to flood our country, taking jobs away from low-income Americans.

7. We must have energy independence: With simple executive orders President Biden has unleashed the destruction of our energy industry, a move that is costing thousands if not millions of good paying jobs; jobs that will never fully be replaced. Unintended consequences are sure to follow as once again we’ll have to compete with the world for oil and gas. It’s what starts wars. Also $5 gallon gasoline prices are coming our way.

8. The woke and cancel cultures are tearing us apart: Americans can be proud of the substantial progress we’ve made in racial relations over the past 50 years. It’s something we should be proud of and can work to improve; however, the progressive left is cancelling our history like it never happened and indoctrinating our children with systemic racism theories, while cancelling Dr. Seuss and claiming “math” is racist.

9. Everyone pitch in to end the pandemic: We are nearing the end. We should follow the science, that means open up our public schools ASAP. Also open in-door dining. Science says indoor dining and schools are not a significant cause of transmitting the virus.

10. Very dangerous goals: The Democrats have promised some very devious objectives. They threatened to pack the Supreme Court with as many new justices as they need to always get their way. They want to make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states, effectively giving them four new senators. They mean it. They crave one party rule and seek sole power. They show no signs of bipartisanship or truly wanting to keep our nation a true democracy.

The Democrats made the past election about Donald Trump, burying the truth about their socialistic agenda. We must take a serious look at the issues. Our future is on the line.

David Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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