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Ted Burt: So much ignorance about guns

Ted Burt | Other Voices

In response to “Ban those assault weapons,“ the writer of that commentary talks about AK-47s not being for hunting.

Well, it is a firearm that is capable of hunting, though it probably wouldn’t be most people’s choice.

However, I would like to say that the M-1 carbine was not designed to be used for hunting, either, yet I was born at Beale Air Force Base and hunted this area as a child.

When I was 12 years old and hunting with my father, he found a perfect rifle for this young hunter, with low recoil, short stock, accurate and legal for hunting. The rifle was a M-1 carbine, which made the last assault weapons ban and was registered as a assault weapon, and was later removed from that list.

I will say to those who would say it was not designed as a hunting rifle — hmmm, what do you call a hunting rifle? A gun that holds less then five rounds?

That pretty much leaves out just about every revolver ever made. An AK-47, M-1 carbine, AR-15, mini-14 and Remington 740 742 are all designed to shoot one shot with one pull of the trigger.

Yet the mini-14 was designed as a ranch rifle! And the Remingtons never made a single list in the assault weapons ban of the ’80s — why ? Because of ignorant people who do not know guns, do not know what a gun can do, and have no clue about what the difference is.

A hunting rifle is to a hunter as a car is to a commuter. We want a comfortable rifle to hold that is lightweight and easy on the shoulder.

Any semi auto rifle can be and is suitable for hunting. I have a semi-auto I use for deer. And I have a semi auto for hunting birds.

Just like a commuter buys a car for comfort, you don’t need a cushioned seat. You don’t need cruise control, air conditioning, and don’t forget the automatic shifting transmission!

Don’t tell us hunters what is good, or needed, or designed for us! I have no problems with any background check you would like to do. But as a hunter and gun owner, I do not like gun-ignorant people telling me what type of gun I need.

And for those people who think the government can describe an assault weapon, I can show you four rifles by four manufacturers that were made to same exact specifications. Yet one is an assault weapon. The other three are not! Just because a rifle is black or is semi auto does not mean it is a assault rifle.

OK, enough on that now. How about dealing with the people who kill people? How about mental health? Do we even have hospitals for them anymore? Do we even make them take their meds anymore? Do we even look into what causes it anymore?

I watch people playing video games that show young people killing. You can get rewards — money and prizes — for killing more and more people, yet ignorant people want to say it is the guns!

Ted Burt lives in Grass Valley.

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