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Taylor Carey: November can’t come soon enough

The recent revelations about Trump’s awareness of and acquiescence in the Russian practice of placing bounties on American troops once again raise the question of treason as people search for the label best describing our president’s most recent and most loathsome conduct.

Because we are not at war with Russia, the constitutional prohibition against giving aid and comfort to an “enemy” may not apply, but one may be traitor to one’s country regardless. To be sure, by all but the most superficial measures, the Trump presidency long ago forfeited any claim to patriotism. He has scorned every opportunity to fulfill his constitutional duty of loyalty to the American people except on those rare occasions where inadvertently as, by chance, it may coincide with his own self-interest.

His supporters celebrate his treachery, perhaps they feel energized to have a champion who hates what they hate, feels oppressed by the slippage of their grip on the benefits of whiteness, and decries the proliferation of lifestyle and sexual practices and identifications that challenge their sense of right and wrong. They rejoice in his rebellion against the so-called political correctness that would oblige courtesy to strangers. They are threatened by the insurgence of people of color — primarily blacks — whom they regard as responsible for a naked assault on their way of life — so they push back.

In so doing, they embrace a species of a national interest wholly foreign to our nation’s founding principles. Theirs is a land unconstrained by principles of liberty and equality, but grounded instead on a foundation of privilege in which one’s place and the scope of one’s life is decreed by the vague ordinance of a God who loves only them. To be blessed — that is, born white — is not decided by a lottery of genetic chance, but by the evident confirmation of one’s election into the elite of the world of racial superiority through divine intervention.

History requires acknowledgment that our nation’s roots are scarred by the tilling of flawed men whose desires and ambitions often required compromises of their ideals for the viable gestation and birth of an egalitarian nation unlike any in history. They compromised, they parsed. They distinguished, and they failed in many respects to vet in adequate detail the horrors of complacent racism and casual genocide.

But they succeeded nevertheless in constituting a government capable of healing and repairing itself over time as each successive generation’s stewards employed the tools handed them by the Founders for that purpose. That nation and the Constitution to which the president and federal officials swear an oath of allegiance and duty embodies the Founders’ ideal. The oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States commands a blood obligation to set aside every interest personal to oneself and to advance and promote the best interests of the People on whose behalf one serves.

That is not the nation to which Trump swore his oath. His fealty lies solely with a monstrous construct bearing his own likeness and having no pulse or conscience. It may not be treason, but in the coming days the country will recoil from the knowledge that its elected Commander in Chief stood by as an adversarial foreign power placed bounties on the heads of American soldiers. The same man who virtually demanded a parade in his honor has tacitly condoned the murder of his own troops.

November cannot come soon enough to rid our land of the scourge of Trump and his disgusting enablers and sycophants.

Taylor S. Carey lives in Nevada City.

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